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Image by Mister Phill at Chippenham Park, via Katrina Otter Weddings & Events.

The venue search…

It can be a little tricky for some, for others it’s a breeze. But for all of you out there, about to embark on this adventure I’ve broken the search experience into 5 simple steps.

Now, there’s a little series running over in the Coco Advice section all about Wedding Planning with the fabulous Katrina Otter Weddings & Events, and if you haven’t read the first post then you should definitely take a peek! You can find it here.

Within this post Kat talks about starting the venue search with discussing, as a couple, what kind of venue you see yourselves in… Will you drift towards a beach hut…? Are you more the classic bride coveting the cathedral length veil…? Or do you fancy sitting around a campfire with your guests lounging on hay bales…?

Yep, quite the quandary, because there’s so much blinkin’ choice! Especially on the pretty pages of the Coco Wedding Venues directory (*ahem*)

Once you’ve decided on the style, the look and the feel of your day, it’s time to take some venues for a test drive…

When you’ve narrowed your selection down, take our shortlist function for a spin to help with this, it’s important to get out there and see the venues.

See the city, stroll the grounds, peek in every room, discuss your options, understand the catering and supplier choices and of course talk through your ideas with the venue owners, managers and wedding coordinators.

Then what…?

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - 5-simple-steps-to-find-your-perfect-wedding-venue-angel-house-east-sussex-1

    Angel House, East Sussex.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - 5-simple-steps-to-find-your-perfect-wedding-venue-brympton-house-somerset-joseph-hall-2

    Image by Joseph Hall at Brympton House, Somerset.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - 5-simple-steps-to-find-your-perfect-wedding-venue-chaucer-barn-norfolk-ross-harvey-3

    Image by Ross Harvey at Chaucer Barn, Norfolk.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - 5-simple-steps-to-find-your-perfect-wedding-venue-pentillie-castle-cornwall-4

    Pentillie Castle, Cornwall.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - 5-simple-steps-to-find-your-perfect-wedding-venue-tunnels-beaches-5a

    Tunnels Beaches, Devon.


Image One Angel House | Image Two Brympton House, photography by Joseph Hall | Image Three Chaucer Barn, photography
by Ross Harvey | Image Four Pentillie Castle | Image Five Tunnels Beaches 

Hopefully with these simple 5 steps and the ease of the Coco Venue Finder, finding your perfect wedding venue will become an enjoyable, inspiring and romantic part of planning your big day!

But, if you need any advice you can drop me a note or keep popping back for our Wedding Planning series.

Next one on the list…? Budgets.

Très sexy, I know.

Lots of love…

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