We’ve done the legwork of sorting the bland from the wow, with each venue in the Coco Collection handpicked for its unique style and quality – but deciding which wedding venue is perfect for you can feel like a bit of a minefield…

So, we’re taking the guesswork out of it with these essential tips and questions you need to ask to help you get the most from your venue search. Use it as a tool to make sure you cover the important stuff – print the page to take with you on visits, scribble notes, and focus on finding the place that feels magic.

Before You Start

Be a team - Let’s face it, as you plan your wedding, there are probably going to be areas that one of you is more passionate about than the other. And we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to choosing your wedding venue, this should absolutely be a joint task. As planning goes, it’s the biggest commitment you’ll make early on and you should both feel excited and connected about the place you choose. So, enjoy these precious moments together folks… and have fun on your super romantic road trips!

Get organised - With so many details to consider, organisation is your friend. Start by creating a spreadsheet of venues to visit - I think 4 in one day is the max as it can become overwhelming. And don’t be tempted to take an entourage on visits, this is about the two of you, and too many opinions can be really confusing. After you’ve got a shortlist, then it’s a great idea to talk to the people who really get you, to help sort through your own thoughts about each delicious venue you’ve seen!

The Basics

Questions to Ask

  • Can the venue hold both the ceremony and reception?
  • Which local authority does the venue come under?
  • What is the venue capacity for both the ceremony and dinner?
  • Does the venue have a specific supplier list they would prefer you to work with?
  • What is included in the hire price? (Hint: catering, coordinator, accommodation etc)
  • If the venue has its own caterers does the price include a tasting?
  • How flexible is the catering to suit your wedding style? (E.g.: Meze boards, sharing platters, hog roasts, BBQ, formal dining, street food)
  • Will your wedding be the only wedding at the venue on the day? If not, how many weddings do they hold in one day?
  • Can you hire the venue exclusively? What is the difference in cost and what extras are included?

Be happy with the entire space - see all rooms available for your wedding party and make sure each one suits your wedding style.


Questions to Ask

  • Will there be a turnover time of rooms and where will your guests go during this time?
  • Is there a policy about children attending and does the venue need to be child-free at any time?
  • Will you be able to hold a walk through on the day prior to your wedding day?
  • Is there ample parking for your guests?
  • What is the local transport like?
  • Do they have an approved taxi list?
  • What is the closest city/town/village? (If you find yourself hiring a field!)
  • Are there any local events happening on the date of your wedding?
  • Can the venue give you an example of a wedding day timeline?
  • What information does the venue need from your suppliers who will be working on site? (Public Liability/PAT testing etc)
  • When can you come back for a second visit?

Spend some time getting to know the area. It’s great to make recommendations to your out-of-town guests wanting to make a weekend of it!


Questions to Ask

  • Is there accommodation on site for guests? If so what is the capacity?
  • Will the venue offer any discount on hotel rooms taken by your guests?
  • If the venue does not have accommodation then where does the venue recommend locally?

Always see the bedrooms offered for your wedding party and guests. Your photographer will no doubt be with you when you’re getting ready, and if you’re staying in the venue the night before you want the rooms to be gorgeous for these shots (and of course functional! Long mirror for the bride anyone?)

Planning the Details

Questions to Ask

  • Do they have an in-house wedding coordinator?
  • Are they happy for you to use an external wedding planner/stylist?
  • Does the venue allow confetti to be thrown?
  • Are lit candles allowed in the venue?
  • Does the venue have a noise limiter fitted or can you turn the music all the way up?
  • Can you have a professional firework display at your venue?
  • Are you allowed sparklers (handheld) at your wedding?
  • Does the venue have landing permission (should you want to be fancy and have a helicopter whisk you away!)

Ask to see photographs of previous weddings and the kind of style/level of detail they had at the venue. If your venue is a blank canvas this can also help you start to get a sense of the feel of your own wedding.

Indoor /outdoor

Questions to Ask

  • What are the weather contingencies at your venue?
  • Is there an option to get married outside?
  • Marquees - do they have a recommended supplier or can you hire your own?
  • If your venue has gardens, what will be in flower at the time of year for your wedding? Ask to see photos so you can visualise, especially if you are visiting out of season.

If you are considering a venue that is flexible about which kind of marquee you have, ask the marquee company that you wish to hire from if you can see one of their marquees up at your chosen venue, or at another one if they haven’t got any booked.


Check the fine print - Nobody likes talking business, but this one’s important. If you can, take home a copy of the venue T&Cs after your first visit so you can consider your decision with your heart and your head. And make sure you’re both completely clear on the costs of the venue before signing on the pretty dotted line.

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