Top Tips for your Wedding Morning {Part One}

Written by Emma Hla
The morning of your wedding, or as I like to call it… The Ritual.

There’s something so sacred and so special about these final moments of being a Miss and it’s with this in mind I want to give you my thoughts (or Top Tips!) on what to consider for your own wedding morning, to make it stress-free and memorable.

Oh and if you’re currently in the process of looking for your wedding venue, you might want to keep an eye out for Part Two where we’ll be showing you around some sexy-as-hell Bridal Suites! Well, your surroundings are key! Right…?


Bride Laura at Narborough Hall Gardens, images by Rob Dodsworth Photography.

Coco’s Top Tips

  • Ok I know this is meant to be about ‘the morning of your wedding’ but ladies, start the night before! Whether it’s a pampering sesh with your Maids, dinner with family or even an early night and time for just you, plan a ‘Wedding Eve’ to extend the celebrations! Just be careful of how much champagne is quaffed…
  • Be prepared, make sure all the necessary details and DIY are done well before W-day! Believe me, you will not want to be doing any last minute crafting on this precious (and busy) morning.
  • Eat… Breakfast is so important so make sure you set some time aside to eat something. I had some yummy scrambled eggs and this was the perfect fuel. That and coffee. Oh and champagne! Ensure you have delicious treats and nibbles on hand for those with you on the morning of your wedding too, as well as plenty of water. You want to make sure people are well-fed and happy, especially if you’re going to be bossing them around! *ahem*


Bride Charlotte at Boconnoc House & Estate, images by Sara Lincoln Photography via Rock My Wedding.

  • Make sure you spend time with those special people, whether it’s your Mum or your Dad, sisters or friends, try to get just 5 minutes away from everyone else to take it all in. My Mum was the first person I saw on my wedding day – I will always remember the knock at my door at 7am and, whilst everyone else was asleep, we swapped gifts and hugged it out. It felt quite magical.
  • Wear something super comfortable but make sure you feel special! Yes your trusty joggers tick the first box but they might not be what you want to be photographed in…? So, whether it’s a luxurious cashmere onesie, a beautiful silk dressing gown or your boys favourite shirt make sure you feel confident and happy.
  • Set the right tone with a playlist! Whatever relaxes you or gets you in the festive spirit; music, much like scent, can transport you right back to a moment in time.


Bride Gabbie at Voewood, images by Andy Davison Photography.

  • Have a timetable for you and your Maids and make sure those who are helping you know of any special tasks they need to do. Scheduling the ‘prep’ will take the pressure of people asking you questions! We have some guidance on Wedding Day Schedules right here in our Wedding Planning Series.
  • For the ultimate in stress-free mornings book a Hair & Makeup Artist. Thanks to the trials in the lead-up to W-day you’ll know exactly the look you’ll be going for and how much prep-time to factor in for you and your Maids. Your chosen Artist will also let you know ‘call times’ for each person and how they should be prepared for their session. I found my own Makeup Artist so blinking helpful – having an objective voice should anything crop up (guests cancelling last minute, Aunts requiring another corsage!) they will be the voice of reason. They’ve seen it all before and they won’t be panicking.


Bride Jasmine at Upwaltham Barns, image by Lisa Devlin.

  • As organised as you think you are, there will absolutely be a moment when it all becomes a bit too much! Whether that moment is getting into your dress, doing the final makeup touches or trying to get some shots with your Photographer it will suddenly hit you. So lovelies, make sure you’re not exacerbating the situation with overcrowding. Have the right people around you and only those that are necessary for the task at hand. If you don’t want to ask people to leave, then get your Maids to politely ask for some space for the Bride!
  • If you have a complicated or time-consuming dress to get into, make sure you and your chosen ‘dresser’ have had ample time to practice ahead of the day. But on the day, make sure you’ve given yourselves enough time, also it’s probably a good idea to read the above tip once again! Flustered hands can make mistakes and Brides-to-be trust me, it’s not just you who will be suffering with nerves!
  • Think about any detail shots you might want your Photographer and/or Videographer to capture and have it to hand. Whether it’s your dress hanging up, your shoes & accessories displayed or even your wedding stationery –  make the most of this time. 


Bride Sophie married at Grays Court York., images by Shoot Photography.

The Kit

I don’t believe there is a one-kit-fits-all, however I would certainly start to make a list of all of the things you may need on the day of your wedding! I got ready at the beautiful Barn at Roundhurst, before heading to our wedding venue, so making a list is especially important if you’re getting ready away from home!

From a fan to keep me cool, through to baby-wipes and emergency makeup this is what I had in my kit, oh and the * next to each ones were dutifully ‘stored’ for me during the day by my trusty Mum & Maids:

  • Electric Fan (No matter the season, you need one!)
  • Baby-wipes (good for removing any makeup stains on dresses!) *
  • Scissors
  • Plasters
  • Safety Pins
  • Power Compact (If you’re having a MUA, ask their advice) *
  • Blotting tissues *
  • Lipstick / gloss *
  • Pain killers *
  • Sewing kit
  • Deodorant
  • Breath-freshener *
  • Wedding Fragrance *
  • Mobile *

I also had a little change of accessories for the evening, so all of this and the above were carefully bundled into a box and it was stored under my place at the Top Table! Simple!

Don’t forget the boys…

One last mention, don’t forget the boys! Whilst the wedding morning is all about the girls getting preened, the men will absolutely have their own rituals to follow too.

Whether it’s getting ready en-masse, final bits of venue prep, a pint in the local or indeed a home-made pie and a beer like my boy, make sure their wedding morning is just as special.


Groom Joseph at Hengrave Hall, image by Luis Holden Photography.

Useful…? I do hope so!

We’ll be back with some beautiful Bridal Suite picks from our fabulous Coco Collection, but in the meantime you can find a whole board dedicated to this ritual over on Pinterest. Oh and why not pin the below for future reference!

Pin it!


Lots of love!

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