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Written by Emma Hla
The first time I encountered the dreamy work of Katherine Ashdown was back in 2012.

Sat in a coffee shop with my wedding magazine of choice, planning and plotting my own W-Day, I came across two gems. The first being my beloved Narborough Hall, and the second being Katherine Ashdown Photography.

Katherine had captured the rather jovial wedding of David & Rebecca at the beautiful aforementioned Norfolk wedding venue and I was smitten, with it all.

Since then, Coco Wedding Venues has come along and Katherine’s work became entwined with my own as she started to make an appearance in the galleries for the Coco venues. So, I asked this lovely lady to swing on by the blog to share with us some of her favourite images and tell us a little bit about her style and ethos…

There’s sparkly shoes that Dorothy would be jealous of, wedding gowns to-die-for, fluttering first kisses, a gold grecian crown and one dog. Yes, a dog.

Oh and a rather tantalising offer, just for you Coco readers!


Notes from Katherine Ashdown Photography


Images by Katherine Ashdown Photography.

As long as I can remember, like my dad and older sister I have been artistic. When I was little I couldn’t watch TV without paper and pencils to draw at the same time.

As I went through school I did well in art and graphics and went on to Lancaster Art school to do an art foundation course.

It was during my A levels when I really fell in love with photography. Through a family connection I got a Saturday job in a developing lab and just loved seeing peoples photos come in as film and leave as memories captured forever. It was also wonderful to really learn about printing and now I am rather fussy!

I incorporated photography in to my A Levels and also got a job cleaning a famous photographers studio who, at the time was pioneering in what we now know as ‘reportage’ photography. Again I used to look forward to my cleaning job twice a week to see what new images had emerged since the last time I was there.

I knew from seeing these images that is what I wanted to do more than anything, capturing children, families and wedding memories in an artistic, natural and fun way; I couldn’t think of a better job.


Image by Katherine Ashdown Photography.

My older sister was also a photographer in a more traditional studio until her 3 children came along. My 5 nieces and nephews provided the perfect little models for me to practice on! Their friends parents started to see these natural outdoor images and being a really new concept at the time wanted the same so my sister and I started a little business which is where it all began!

Fast forward 10 years, some traveling, a few different careers and 4 years ago I managed to live my dream and become a full time photographer.

My Brand

I have spent years building a brand I am really proud of. It is so important to me that my client’s images remain as timeless as possible and so I edit in a light, bright clean style.

Quality is also of huge importance to me so I invest in the best possible suppliers including my gorgeous Queensberry Albums. I love the thought that my couples will be showing their albums off in 20 years to their children maybe in 50 years to their grandchildren and then one day perhaps someone will find their ancestors beautiful album in a box a little dusty in the loft.


Images by Katherine Ashdown Photography.

To me photography is an investment, having lost my parents at a young age I just cannot express how precious their photographs are to me and I know my couples and families will feel the same as they become more valuable to them the years roll on.


Many of my clients I find choose me as they have an emotional reaction to my work. Often a bride (new or already booked) will email me to say she has been crying or laughing at the latest blog post! I think it is so important to fall in love with a photographers images and if you can imagine your day through their eyes you have found the one.

I offer a really personal service for my clients including a private facebook group for my brides and I adore hearing and seeing their wedding plans come together through the group. I think it is really important you get to know your photographer and feel comfortable with them as you are likely to see more of them than anyone else on the wedding day! The more comfortable you are the better the images will be.


Images by Katherine Ashdown Photography

Click here to see all of the images from this Loved by Coco feature…



Where to start…?

I completely agree with Katherine that photographs are precious, precious memories and absolutely an important part of the wedding day planning. I also love the sound of those Facebook groups, like a private little club for Brides! I want in.

Coco wouldn’t be Coco without such beautiful images, so thank you to Katherine for sharing her gorgeous work! Oh and her exclusive offer for you lovelies…? Fabulous.

You can see more of Katherine’s work in the galleries for Narborough Hall and newcomer, Chaucer Barn.

I’m also rather excited to have not one, but two real weddings waiting in the wings to share with you… The first…? Why it might just be the wedding that lead to all of this in the first place!

Snap up that exclusive offer folks! Katherine is a keeper.

Lots of love…

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