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by Emma Hla

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feature Image by Grace Elizabeth Photography.

This beautiful woodland styled shoot was created by some of my absolute favourite industry folk.

I’ve personally worked with Rebecca Goddard Photography (a lot!), Bureau Design and Yolk and each time they deliver truly stunning work. Curated by Planner & Stylist Louise at One Stylish Day, this snapshot into a woodland celebration is utterly breathtaking and truly inspirational.

Focusing on simple colours and textures all drawn from nature, and captured by three different and wildly talented photographers, I think all of you outdoor lovers will be falling hard for this shoot at Camp Katur.

Notes from One Stylish Day

The Concept

To create a celebration with it’s core at a oneness with the wild and a calm, effortless appreciation of nature. A fresh take on an outdoor wedding, inspired by slow living.

A woodland setting, undisturbed by a tablescape that feels like it belongs. The use of natural elements and textures throughout to add a quiet vitality to the scene.  An undone quality running through the design; dripping candles, casually laid linens, raw wood, natural papers.

The Colour Palette

Spring has yet to reach the forest, and the colour palette reflects this stillness. White and warm grey reflects a sunless sky, and soft, matte metallic finishes reflect the surroundings.  Dark forest green, woody browns and bronzes are lifted with muted pinks and deep reds.

The Details

Simplicity and minimal fuss are key, with white and natural wood being predominant. Raw linens, off-white glazed ceramics with a light texture and natural candle light are grounded with bronze candlesticks and black rod-handled cutlery. Stationery on cotton stock with torn edges and simple typography. The purity of a single tier white cake reflects the stillness and simplicity of the outdoors. The dried flower detail naturally laid, tying in the details of the overall design concept.

The Flowers

The detail comes from the loose, unstructured floral arrangements, which have the sense of being swept from the forest floor. The dried elements of twigs, seedheads and bracken combined with evergreen foliage give the arrangements a sense of longevity. Nude roses, blousy anemones, rich toned ranunculus and hellebores.


Venue Camp Katur

Design Direction & Styling One Stylish Day

Shoot Organisation Nicola Dixon

Photography Rebecca Goddard Photography, Grace Elizabeth Photography & Nicola Dixon Photography

Florals Lucy MacNicoll Flowers

Tablescape Stationery Bureau Design

Cake Yolk

Camp Katur

North Yorkshire, Yorkshire & Humberside


Camp Katur is the perfect alternative wedding venue for an unforgettable experience in a magical setting, set within the natural beauty of a 250 acre Camp Hill Estate.

The Need to Know


  • 150
  • 200
  • No
  • In-house
  • In-house
  • Sleeps 65+
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1am
  • No
  • Yes

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