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Image by Rhys Parker.

As you may, or may not know, Coco Wedding Venues is all about the style – six to be exact. You can read a little more about these here. Each piece of inspiration that’s carefully placed on this blog, whether it’s a mood-board, a styled shoot or a real wedding, falls under one of the Coco Style Categories.

So today, we’re skipping into the world of Rustic Romance with my Top 10 picks, but this piece of inspiration is a little bit special. Why…? Because it’s the first time we’re using our new and rather snazzy carousel gallery. Ta da!

You can click on the Pin button at the top-right hand corner to add to your dedicated Pinterest board, or if you click anywhere else on the image it will lead you to the original source where you’ll find beautiful wedding inspiration from my favourite wedding blogs around the world.

I think it’s blinking awesome and hopefully for you it will be a lovely, easy tool to use and a great source of gorgeous suppliers, helpful links and pin-worthy images.

Now, who likes cake…?

Yeah, thought so.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-eliza-and-elizabeth-cake-by-s'more-sweets-via-style-me-pretty-1

    Cake by S'more Sweets | Image by Eliza & Elizabeth via Style Me Pretty.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-kerry-bartlett-cake-by--via-coco-wedding-venues-2

    Image by Kerry Bartlett at Almonry Barn via Coco Wedding Venues.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-becca-borge-photography-cake-by-delliquez-custom-cakes-via-ruffled-3

    Cake by Deliquez Custom Cakes | Image by Becca Borge Photography via Ruffled.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - Eco Luxe Styled Wedding shoot by Freckle photography069

    Image by Freckle Photography at Ever After - A Dartmoor Wedding via Coco Wedding Venues | Cake by Dazzlelicious Cakes.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-sarah-jayne-photography-cake-by-topsfield-bakeshop-via-style-me-pretty-5

    Cake by Topsfield Bakeshop | Image by Sarah Jayne Photography via Style Me Pretty.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-rhys-parker-cake-by--via-rock-my-wedding-6

    Image by Rhys Parker via Rock My Wedding.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-tina-fussell-via-100-layer-cakelet-7

    Image by Tina Fussell via 100 Layer Cakelet.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-john-day-via-rock-my-wedding-8

    Image by John Day via Rock My Wedding.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-paula-o'hara-cake-by-gift-cakes-via-magnolia-rouge-9

    Cake by Gift Cakes | Styling by Pearl & Godiva | Image by Paula O'Hara via Magnolia Rouge.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - coco-wedding-venues-10-rustic-wedding-cakes-image-by-christa-elyce-photography-cake-by-sugary-and-chic-boutique-via-ruffled-10

    Cake by Sugary & Chic Boutique | Image by Christa Elyce Photography via Ruffled.


Image One via Style Me Pretty, photography by Eliza & Elizabeth, cake by S’more Sweets | Image Two via Coco Wedding Venues, cake by Bellevue Bakery, photography by Kerry Bartlett at Almonry BarnImage Three via Ruffled, photography by Becca Borge Photography, cake by Deliquez Custom Cakes | Image Four via Coco Wedding Venues, photography by Freckle Photography at Ever After – A Dartmoor Wedding, cake by Dazzlelicious Cakes | Image Five via Style Me Pretty, photography by Sarah Jayne Photography, cake by Topsfield Bakeshop | Image Six via Rock My Wedding, photography by Rhys Parker | Image Seven via 100 Layer Cakelet, photography by Tina Fussell | Image Eight via Rock My Wedding, photography by John Day | Image Nine via Magnolia Rouge, cake by Gift Cakes, styling by Pearl & Godiva, photography by Paula O’Hara | Image Ten via Ruffled, cake by Sugary & Chic Boutique, photography by Christa Elyce Photography.

So which is your favourite…?

Do you like the naked trend, the semi-naked cake or are you all about the buttery icing…? I personally can’t help but love the wistful succulent and twig creation. Simply yet striking, this is sure to be quite the talking point! Oh and the peachy, frilly number shot at the beautiful Almonry Barn, that cake is far too pretty to eat! Ha, who am I kidding…!

If you’re looking for more rustic wedding inspiration then scroll through the archives or click on the below Rustic Romance tag, or take a peek at our collection of rustic wedding venues in the Coco directory.

Lots of love…

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