Carly & Liam’s Rainy Wedding Day at Sandon Manor

Written by Emma Hla
Carly and Liam’s wedding day was a testament to the power of love conquering all, even unexpected rain showers. With a meticulous approach, they embraced the unpredictability of the weather by incorporating some key planning principles!

First, the couple wisely had a Plan B, selecting the enchanting Sandon Manor with its unique indoor spaces, ensuring a seamless celebration regardless of the forecast. Second, rather than letting the rain dampen their spirits, Carly and Liam embraced it as an opportunity to infuse their day with romance. Lastly, their unwavering flexibility and positivity shone through as they adapted to unexpected twists, such as changing their photo locations to accommodate the weather.

Holly from Sandon Manor shares some more tips for managing a rainy wedding day, and we also get to see more from C&L’s gorgeous October celebration.

Notes from the Venue

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be a disaster. With some preparation and flexibility, you can turn a wet forecast into a magical celebration. Carly and Liam married at Sandon Manor on a rainy day, but this didn’t get in the way of the fun they had in the many stunning indoor spaces that make Sandon Manor truly unique.

Here are our top tips for handling wet weather at weddings:

Have a Plan B

Even if you’ve been envisioning an outdoor ceremony or reception, it’s crucial to have a backup plan in case of rain. You can choose a venue with indoor spaces to ensure you’re covered no matter the weather. At Sandon Manor, each part of your wedding day has a unique space with no turnaround. Kick off your day with a stunning, classic meets contemporary ceremony in our chic East wing ceremony hall, followed by a drinks reception in our dreamy courtyard with summer house, generous veranda and, if wet, the Haybarn. When dinner calls, head into our stunning 13th-century Medieval barn to dine in history, with a cocktail bar and stunning beams. Party the night away in our uber-cool club room with a generous dance floor and state-of-the-art sound and lighting. All the routes between our spaces are covered, with no reason to get wet unless you wish!

Good Umbrellas

They will keep you dry and add a fun and romantic touch to your photos. Carly and her bridesmaids opted for clear umbrellas to ensure excellent visibility! Check with your venue if they offer umbrella hire service (we do!).

Embrace the Rain

Instead of letting the rain dampen your spirits, embrace it as part of your wedding day story. Rain can create a romantic atmosphere and create stunning photo opportunities, so don’t be afraid to venture outside with your photographer for magical shots. We adore the photos of Carly and her bridesmaids having fun in the rain and under the summer house. But this will mean being prepared, so ensure you have wellies and coats on standby!

Stay Flexible

Remember that some of the most memorable weddings have unexpected twists and turns. Stay flexible and positive, knowing you can still have a beautiful and meaningful celebration regardless of the weather. Carly and Liam planned to have their couple and wedding party photos on the lawn but reverted to using the courtyard-covered areas. The plan B location for the images worked well against the black cladding, making the black and white outfits pop!

Think of Your Guests

Rain on your wedding day is the perfect excuse to get cosy! The comfort of your friends and family is essential, so if it’s looking like rain and you’re getting wed in a countryside landscape, ask guests to consider their attire. Also, ensure you have some blankets, pashminas and even towels available should anyone need to get dry and warm.

Consider having indoor entertainment for your guests. Carly and Liam opted for an unplugged roaming band to entertain their guests during the cocktail hour, which provided great flexibility regarding where they could play and perform.

Waterproof Makeup and Hairstyles

Choose water-resistant makeup and hairstyles to ensure you look flawless throughout the day, even if it’s raining. Work with your hair and makeup artist to create a look that will withstand any weather conditions. Carly worked with makeup artist Glow by KT to ensure her make-up consistently looked great, and her regular hairdresser, The Hair Atelier, knew her hair well.

Stay Positive and Enjoy the Moment

Ultimately, your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other, rain or shine. Focus on the joyous moments and the love you share with your partner, and let go of any worries about the weather. After all, a little rain can’t dampen true love.

Finally, trust your photographer. They will have seen many a wet wedding day so they will know how to create magic despite the downpour. We love the laughter captured in many of Carly and Liam’s photographs, beautifully captured by Lori Young Photography.

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