Digital Lavender at The Penn

Written by Caitlin Hoare
‘Stability, serenity, and digital escapism’ perfectly encapsulates 2023’s hottest new shade of lavender and we are here for it.

Pair this with cool, coastal vibes synonymous with The Penn Estate in Dorset and I’m in laid-back, destination wedding heaven!

But today’s styled shoot isn’t ALL about lavender tones, they’re present, of course, but in a subtle and beautifully stylish way. Note them reflected in the florals and complementing the neutral but earthy table linen, but it’s the bridal fashion that I want to focus on too because it is simply gorgeous! Five stunning looks that range from understated modern to retro glam, each perfectly styled and a glorious addition to this summery wedding setting.

Well folks, it sounds like digital lavender won’t be going anywhere anytime soon so it’s time to hand over to Tessa, head stylist at Penn Creative Collection, to talk us through their interpretation of this dreamy new wedding trend…

Notes from the Venue

Tessa says…

As the head stylist at Penn Creative Collection at The Penn Estate, I wanted to share some insight into upcoming style trends for wedding and events in 2023.

We’re seeing strong colour themes coming through for weddings in 2023 with Digital Lavender in particular, signifying stability, serenity, and digital escapism. We’ve all found ourselves within a state of digital escapism. As we take more and more inspiration from digital platforms, the desire to create a picture-perfect wedding has become stronger than ever! We’re expecting this shade to be a popular choice across all weddings and events, and this styled shoot demonstrates how you could incorporate it into your look.

Digital Lavender is described by major trend forecaster WGSN, as being a gender-inclusive colour which promotes self-care rituals and offers a sense of stability and balance. Their research suggests that colours with a shorter wavelength, such as Digital Lavender, evoke calmness and serenity. They expect this imaginative colour to converge across virtual and physical worlds throughout 2023 and 2024.

With a strong message behind the colour, there are many ways in which it can be incorporated. I will talk you through how best incorporate Digital Lavender, to create the most style led look.

Look at keeping most of your styling neutral and bring in tones of Digital Lavender. Keeping a neutral, but not all white, backdrop will build warm tones and will highlight the prominent colour. Using a mix of lavender tones will help to create a more cohesive palette. Through the floral tones, stationery design and tapered candles, it will be easy to source a tonal palette within the lavender spectrum. But also think about where else you can introduce the colour. A pop of lavender within your eye makeup look, as created by Tara Sanger Makeup, a scatter of beads within your headpiece or a pearly lavender nail colour; it’s these details which will bring the whole look to life.

This colour trend ties in effortlessly with the no foliage or bleached foliage look we have seen coming through over the last year. Keeping your selection light and choosing only a few specific floral types will create the perfect look. Bring in ivory and lavender roses, such as avalanche, earl grey and bounty way. I would also incorporate a mid-tone, lavender/blush rose such as amnesia to create depth within the floral collection. Finish the look with a phalaenopsis or anthurium orchid, which will create structure within the arrangements. These can also be used singularly or in pairs, within a statement vase, to mix amongst the arrangements, again, creating depth and texture within the set up.

Not only will we see the influx of ‘Digital Lavender’ in next year’s wedding trends, but we will also see more alternative dress trends. We have seen in introduction of separates over the last few years, but mini dresses and mini skirts are on the rise. Designers, such as Lauren Francis Bridal, are introducing the retro glam minis influenced by 60s fashion, and brides are loving it. If a mini is too bold for you, then choose it for the evening and introduce some sparkle through your accessories. Or perhaps opt for a hair re-style adding a statement bow as seen from Ashley Wild Bridal, and create the ultimate the 60s Bardot look, with Hollywood waves as styled by Rachel Netherway Hair.

You’ll also want to capture the finer details, such as your accessories and your chosen hair and makeup styles. Perhaps introducing a floral backdrop to the ‘getting ready’ part of your day, will set the scene for a magazine-worthy wedding. Surrounding yourself throughout the day with florals, reflecting your chosen look, and bringing them in throughout your morning preparations will only enhance your photography. Photographers and videographers, such as Nicola Streader Photography and Sam Cook Photo, have a passion for detail and high end styling. All these elements, that you have spent time considering and perfecting with your designers and suppliers, will be invaluable to creating the most fashion-forward and refined look, which will then be perfectly captured and preserved for getting lost within your own digital escapism, in years to come.

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