Bethany & Luke’s Wild Wedding

Written by Emma Hla
“Embrace imperfection and prioritise authenticity, for it is in these genuine moments that true magic is found…”

Bethany and Luke’s August wedding unfolded in the idyllic Teybrook Orchard, a hidden gem within the Browning Bros. Wild Wedding Venues portfolio. Against the backdrop of the Essex countryside, their celebration was an ode to simplicity and authenticity. The couple embraced the charm of barefoot dancing and buttercream cakes and indulged in grazing platter feasts, creating an atmosphere of relaxed elegance. Bethany and Luke generously share their wisdom and advice below, and their beautiful day serves as an inspiration for couples seeking a heartfelt and genuine experience.

Notes from the Bride

Beth says…

On a crisp April afternoon, we discovered Teybrook Orchard, a hidden gem. Despite the bare branches and moody clouds, it instantly felt like the only choice for our celebration. With a breathtaking woodland setting and Luke’s arboricultural expertise, it was the perfect canvas for our ceremony. While a marquee loomed as a backup plan, the weather deities smiled upon us on the day, graciously bypassing the rain that had teased us in the weeks leading to our August wedding. Teybrook Orchard, with its assortment of unique dwellings and cabins, became the haven for our nearest and dearest, complete with a pre-wedding hot tub.

Now, let’s talk about attire. My gown, a creation sourced online from Monsoon, was handpicked by my wonderful mother. The criterion? Freedom of movement for dancing, a length that spared me from my own clumsiness, and, of course, the essential feeling of beauty and authenticity. Largely unseen beneath my gown, footwear beckoned to the carefree child within, prompting barefooted revelry.

In a rare departure from his everyday tree-climbing attire, Luke donned a suit—a choice carefully curated from the offerings at Cole’s Menswear in Epping, a local establishment that exceeded our expectations. Luke’s ensemble featured a brown three-piece tweed suit complemented by a floral tie. The bridal party, my two radiant bridesmaids, embraced the theme with olive green, their styles a testament to individuality. Hair and makeup were orchestrated with precision and ease in the capable hands of Caprice and Lucy, turning our preparation into a calm and unrushed affair.

Opting for a ‘dry hire’ initially seemed daunting, the prospect of adorning every nook and cranny threatening to devour our budget. Yet, Teybrook Orchard’s natural beauty provided a canvas rich with possibilities. The woodland, with dappled shade, emanated warmth and simplicity. The expansive lawn, interspersed with permanent dwellings and a modest stretched tent at its heart, required minimal interference as we embraced simplicity. Vintage lawn games, courtesy of Hayley from Dollys Vintage Tea Party, added a whimsical touch, expertly curated within our budget constraints.

I struck gold with my mother-in-law, Pam—a woman of boundless creativity. Pam orchestrated a wild theme, infusing vibrant hues to contrast against the green foliage and rustic browns. Our floral palette boasted orange, yellow, and red Gerberas, dark blue Delphinium, white Chrysanthemum, Eustoma, fragrant Eucalyptus, and the delicate Gypsophila, or Gyp.

Eschewing the traditional sit-down meal, we opted for a festival food vibe in collaboration with Cherry Tree Events. Their graze board delighted the eyes and tantalised the taste buds. BBQ Smoke Kitchen, a personal favourite of Luke’s, served up juicy burgers, BBQ wings, slaw, and chips—a culinary masterpiece. The final culinary touch came from a pizza van, offering freshly handcrafted stone-baked pizzas that enchanted our guests—a delightful bonus for breakfast the following day!

To capture the day’s essence, we entrusted the task to Joshua, discovered through the magic of social platforms. His distinct style, found on Instagram, resonated with us. David, another skilled lensman, documented the day with a focus on natural moments, resulting in a breathtaking collection of photos that spoke volumes.

Best part of the day

The day’s crescendo was undoubtedly the joy of dancing with loved ones. Anna Wells’ live music, a soulful backdrop, set the stage for unrestrained revelry. Witnessing our guests immersed in the moment filled us with a profound sense of gratitude and happiness.

From one couple to another…

I suggest that you approach the internet with a discerning eye. Trends may come and go, but your unique vision is timeless. Social platforms, while valuable for inspiration, should not dictate your choices. Embrace imperfection and prioritise authenticity, for it is in these genuine moments that true magic is found. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can spark creativity, but let them be a guide rather than a rulebook, allowing your personal touch to shine through.


Venue Browning Bros. Wild Wedding Venues

Photographer Joshua Andrew Potter

Celebrant Nichola Collinson

Makeup Twisted Vanity

Hair Wedding Hair by Lucy

Singer Anna Wells

BBQ Smoke BBQ Kitchen

Pizza Van Grab a Pizza This

Graze Board Cherry Tree Events

Photobooth The Photobay

Décor, Props + Lawn Games Dollys Vintage Tea Party

Dress Monsoon

Suit Hire Cole’s Menswear

Printing of Signs AMX Print

Grooms Ring Manly Bands

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