Why We Won’t Be Talking About 2021 Wedding Trends

Written by Coco & Kat
Image by The Curries | Planning by Katrina Otter Weddings.
We’re back, kind of.

This time last year we (we = Coco Wedding Venues + Katrina Otter Weddings) were back, cocktail in hand, and collaborating on an inspirational and pinspirational feast for the eyes in the form of our 7th annual Coco & Kat (the collaborative we!) Wedding Trend Report.

We laughed, we indulged, we coveted and we crushed on everything from pearls and puffy sleeves to custom illustrations and Ink (think navy that’s so dark, it’s verging on black)… and more than anything, we looked forward with the hope and promise of all that was to come.

And then March 2020 hit, and slowly but surely those hopes and promises came crashing down around us and instead we’ve collectively and consistently faced it all… anxiety, fear, exasperation, loss, uncertainty, exhaustion, despair – you name it, we’ve lived and breathed it.

Which makes being here today and wanting to talk about seasonal fun and creativity so incredibly hard.

It is for this very reason why we’re taking a detour from previous reporting years. We haven’t plotted and we certainly haven’t planned, there’s been no research, and our inspirational socks are firmly in their 2019 drawer. Instead we’ve decided to look back (at our 2020 Report), and reflect on / highlight those predictions that we feel have even more significance, meaning and value as we move forwards with hope and optimism.

Shall we begin?

Notes from Coco & Kat

True Personal Reflections

Never a standalone trend but interestingly this is something we’ve referenced (as an opening caveat) in ALL of our reports since day (2013) dot. You see, trends are just that – they’re trends that come and go. Weddings on the other hand provide us with an opportunity to curate considered, authentic, timeless celebrations that reflect who we are and what matters most.

And if 2020 has taught us anything it’s just that… we’ve been given the time to stop, to reflect, and in turn to appreciate, prioritise and value those things that matter most – friends, family, health, life and love (for oneself and for others).

Weddings, and especially the way in which we choose to celebrate them, will be profoundly affected by these personal reflections, and moving forwards these values will be at their very core.

We’ve taken a reporting detour, we’ve looked back, we’ve reflected and we’re moving forwards into 2021 filled with the hope and promise of all the love, authenticity and considered celebrations to come.

Sustainability + Seasonality

In our 2020 Report we may have said (insert facepalm / Mizaru emoji) that sustainability would be the word to sum up 2020 weddings.


It’s safe to say we kinda missed the mark with that prediction BUT it doesn’t mean that sustainability is any less important. Quite the opposite – post Coronavirus, sustainable considered celebrations will still be firmly on the agenda.

From ethically sourced seasonal produce to foam free florals to eco-friendly fashion. We will also be fully embracing outdoor weddings, rooting ourselves in nature.

If you too want to make a difference with the wedding that you plan in 2021 and beyond, then this  feature (How to Plan a More Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Wedding) is a MUST read.

Embracing Local

Following swiftly on from the sustainability thread above is a 2021 trend born from our increasing desire to embrace and celebrate all things local.

In our last Report this centred around local produce, but 2020 has shown us just how much we, as a nation, have increasingly embraced local – from the sentimental side of where we live and / or grew up, to the investments we’ve made in our local area (including independent shops, local suppliers and homegrown produce).

And we’re predicting this will spill over and firmly establish itself in weddings moving forwards – from the where to the who, the how to the why.


From customised backdrops and neon signs to personalised ceremonies, monogramed napkins or veils and bespoke cocktails, customisation has been a consistent entry in our Trend Reports… and understandably so.

With an increasing value placed on traditions, sentimentality, authenticity, guest experiences and the desire to create a wedding that is a true personal reflection, customisation will be a serious planning consideration when it comes to weddings in 2021 and beyond.

Coveting + Crushing

If you’re a regular reader of our Trend reports then you may have noticed that we do this a LOT! We’ve shared, we’ve coveted, we’ve crushed and last years report alone was an homage to Wedhead, Hilde, Pocketful of Dreams, JenniBloom Floral Design Studio, Poppy Pickering, One Stylish Day, Perfect Day Bride, Caper & Berry… to name but a few!

And in 2021 we (and by we, I mean anyone reading this feature) need to covet and crush and share and love and support our truly wonderful industry and all of those passionate creatives and independent businesses that it comprises of right now.

WE need YOU!

And if you fancy coveting and crushing tout de suite, then here are a few ways in which you can do just this:

Get social, SHARE THE LOVE, tag and credit (and whilst you’re on a tagging, sharing and crediting mission then check out the social media tiles (+ all of the other fantastic links and resources) on the #WhatAboutWeddings Campaign website)

Leave positive reviews and testimonials

Peruse suppliers’ websites and social feeds for gifting (and festive) ideas

With the last one in mind, take a look at some examples below!

So there we have it, we’ve taken a reporting detour, we’ve looked back, we’ve reflected and we’re moving forwards into 2021 filled with the hope and promise of all the love, authenticity and considered celebrations to come.

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