The 2020 Wedding Trend Report

Written by Coco & Kat

We’re back (we = Coco Wedding Venues & Katrina Otter Weddings) and it’s time for the BIG ONE, yes that’s right… WELCOME to the annual Coco & Kat (the collaborative we!) Wedding Trend Report.

A report that allows us to get together, take trips down memory lanes, plot, plan, scheme, research and get our inspirational socks well and truly on and then put that all down on paper!

The result… an inspirational and pinspirational feast for the eyes! And quite literally a feast when it comes to our foodie (Caper & Berry) trends.

Our 2020 edition will be our 7th report to date and over the years we’ve coveted and crushed on (heads up, the word crush is going to be used a LOT this year!) everything from copper and concrete to wabi-sabi florals and the softest of pinks… Aussie vibes to embracing British.

However, before we jump straight in with our 14 trend predications for 2020, let’s take that trip down memory lane that we promised above! You see, the reason we’re taking this trip is that some of our 2019 wedding trend predictions will, without a shadow of a doubt, still be BIG news for 2020, especially…

  • Dried flowers – everlasting blooms (and grasses) in beautifully muted and warming tones
  • Vegetarianism and veganism – a celebration of produce, colour, flavour and exceptional ingredients
  • Matte black – think softened blacks and charcoals, rustic textured dinnerware, dark linens and Scandi-inspired matte black candlesticks
  • Foam free – a more holistic and considered approach towards wedding florals

So that was memory lane, let’s talk 2020!

Although just before we do, our annual note/caveat…

Our trend report is an opportunity for us to sit down, collaborate, share some industry love/crushes, discuss the emerging trends from beautiful real weddings, inspirational styled shoots and the worlds of fashion, design, architecture, travel, food, drink and interiors (Kat especially uses this as an opportunity to mask her current Neptune addiction!). It allows us to reflect and be inspired, but above all it’s a bit of seasonal fun.

Whether you choose to incorporate our trend predictions or not, the main thing is that you create a wedding that’s truly yours and a personal reflection of you as a couple. You see, trends are just that, they’re trends (that come and quite often go) and what follows are merely our predictions. The main point when planning your wedding is to have fun, be creative, be inspired and above all, create something that’s truly, fabulously and timelessly you.

Annual note/caveat over and 14 trending treats coming your way!

Shall we begin?

Notes from Coco & Kat

Dark and light

Step forward our first trend prediction (dark and light) and the first multiple use of the word crush! You see, the second I clasped eyes on Wedhead’s new dark brown Bentwood Thonet Chair and a day or two later saw an Instagram post of said chairs considerately styled and perfectly paired with earthy and neutrally light lineny tones, by the immensely talented Hilde, I crushed… a lot! So much so that I may have excitedly messaged Emma to say that I had my first prediction for the list – the simplicity of a dark chair and some light linen!

To explain this trend prediction and how it merges, complements and pairs so perfectly, I’ll hand you over to Anne Ladegast-Chiu, the undeniable talent behind and face of Hilde.

“Although not entirely new to the world of weddings, it’s nice to see the Bentwood chair finally getting some well deserved attention in the UK. I have always admired the timeless curved shape which adds instant softness and for me makes it the perfect match, if you’re looking to balance more graphic or rustic settings. As a lover of bold contrasts, pairing the brown Bentwood chair with light linen felt like a natural thing to do, considering where the events took place and the look and feel we wanted to achieve on the day.”

Perspex – a 2020 update

In 2017 we first paid homage to all things poly(methyl methacrylate)… aka acrylic/perspex and our love for its incorporation into the world of weddings. Think chairs, signs, menus, floating floral arrangements, edible displays, you get the drift!

Yet 2018 proved to be just a starting point for this trend and if reports (and images) from across the pond are anything to go by, 2020 will see a continuing plethora of perspex wedding treats.

However, we’re also predicting that we’ll see a slight 2020 twist/revamp of this trend in the form of not only tinted cast and smoked varieties but also their DIBOND® (an aluminium composite sheet) structural, wooden and mirrored alternatives.


Our first wedding trend colour prediction for 2020, fuelled by my own current obsession for Neptune! You see, I’ve always had a thing for borderline-black shades (as has Mrs Hla if our 2018 and 2019 trends reports are anything to go by!) and the second Neptune unveiled their newest seasonal shade for autumn 2019 – Ink, I’ve been desperately obsessed with the desire to incorporate this into both my home and a wedding and/or styled shoot.

Ink’s a navy that’s so dark, it’s verging on black. The hint of blue in there makes it softer, but it’s still a shade that wants to be a bit braver with colour and tone. For weddings, you can go all out ink (tones of) bold (from your linen and chairs to stationery and details) to create depth as well as rich tonal layers, or alternatively ink can be used as an accent colour and is perfectly paired with paler neutral tones, mustard or punchier autumnal palettes.

Obsessively delicious!

Wallpaper, fabric installations and custom illustrated backdrops

Wow, that’s a bit of a mouthful!

If this is not your first Coco & Kat Trend Report rodeo then you may have already noticed that custom illustrations and fabrics are a long standing and recurring entry on our trend reports. However, in 2020 expect this trend to go super-sized, super luxe and super personal. Think creative papered partitions and backdrops, uniquely illustrated large-scale fabrics (drapes, linens etc), and bespoke prints on statement walls.

Case in point… take this custom illustrated fabric bar backdrop, designed by Naomi Howarth for a wedding planned and designed by the inspirational Pocketful of Dreams.  The bride wanted a whimsical and magical custom design as a focal point for her statement bar, and even asked for her two beloved dogs to be included.

Functional, impactful, stylish, luxurious, uniquely inspiring, timeless and immensely personal… OBSESSED!


When it comes to all things enchanting, untamed, evocative and florally atmospheric, we’re handing the reporting reigns over to our floral crush… the exceptionally talented floral designer Jen from Jenni Bloom Floral Design Studio, who’s divulged her top 5 floral trend predictions for the year ahead.

  • Petit/minimal bridal bouquets – Smaller and more delicately enchanting bouquets with feature blooms that draw attention, using only a few different types of flowers or even just a single type, such as dianthus, lisianthus and roses.
  • Single Stems for maids to hold – Following on from the above, in 2020 expect to see more maids with single stems such as a statement long stemmed fully blown rose or orchid – beautifully striking in their simplicity.
  • Smoke bush (Cotinus) – With its fluffy panicles during flowering season, smoke bush will be BIG news in 2020, especially in large scale installations and hanging clouds, even acting as the ‘sole’ material for ceremony backdrops and trestle table runners.  Smoke bush can come in a variety of colours but the more muted buff tones are key for a neutral look and feel.
  • Painted and dyed flowers – The emergence of dyed flowers was big news in 2019, and in 2020 expect to see more of the same but in significantly bolder colour palettes. Think hot, bright and neon colour clashing tones with matching props and accessories.
  • Organic, earthy, raw ‘nature-scape’ arrangements and installations – The trend for dried flowers and foliage will continue into 2020 but with a more understated organic feel i.e. meadow type flowers and grasses combined with natural elements such as shells, clay and wood to embrace, replicate and recreate the natural environment.


The pearl – simple, elegant and timeless right? How about sexy, statement and edible? 2020 will be the year of the pearl and we can’t help but feel excited this organic gem is having a little update.

Earlier this year, we created a beautiful editorial (soon to be revealed!) for Lartington Hall and we took the simple pearl as the basis for our shoot and threaded this into many of the details. From delicate pearl rings to statement pearl ear cuffs, a cake adorned with pearls to teeny edible pearls on the divine Macarons created by Poppy Pickering. The epic pearl cape by Alexandra Grecco was a lot of fun to style!

The pearl can be quite a classic look, but we dare you to update it.

Olive, sage and chive – green’s going nowhere!

If you missed the Greenery frenzy of 2017, then don’t worry folks… green is still knocking around as the hue of choice. This Pantone pick from a couple of years back was sparked by a desire to be surrounded by nature and to reconnect as humans – it heralded the beginning of the technology backlash.

This zesty choice wasn’t everyone’s cup of (green) tea and has since had an earthy update. Emma is loving the deeper olive, sage and chive tones and it can be quite the neutral against a range of other colours. If we’re looking at all things herby, then also consider mint. This fresher colour is set to be BIG news.

From an interiors point, if you haven’t yet seen this olive green kitchen by @homeiswherethepackis, then what are you doing with life? Mixed with marble, dulled brass, light wood and frothy asparagus fern – that’s a wedding vibe right there.


THE word to sum up 2020 weddings

Everywhere you look and every feature you now read about weddings, there’s at least one reference to sustainability in the wedding industry and for good reason.

Couples are now more environmentally aware, and suppliers in the wedding industry are also increasingly conscious and sustainably pro-active. Over the past few years there have been some real and significant positive changes, with suppliers working behind the scenes to review practices, policies, solutions and products moving forwards. From carbon calculations and offsetting to foam free florals, local and organic produce to ethical fabrics and production process.

This is a topic we’ll be exploring in more detail on the Coco blog next year, from top tips on how to make your wedding more sustainable/eco-friendly, to supplier spotlights.


To chat all things sartorial, Perfect Day Bride is back for a few hints at what’s hot in the world of bridal, this is what Laura says to look out for in 2020…


The industry is evolving, which means brides no longer feel pressurised in to adopting a certain look for their big day. The modern wedding has become more about choosing your own adventure. If you’re Karlie Kloss, this means taking a couple of months between saying ‘I do’ and the first dance. For Idris Elba, it was a three-day extravaganza in Morocco.

Puffy Sleeves

Oh yes they are back, not quite how we remember them circa Princess Diana. A perfect example of this is the Reine dress by Alexandra Grecco. Featuring exaggerated bishop sleeves to create drama. The sleeves are positioned just below the neckline just adding that modern day twist.

Victorian Romance

For the more modest bride we are seeing designers raising necklines and lengthening sleeves for that demure look. Embracing a more traditional look for those cathedral/church weddings – see Ellie Goulding’s first bridal look as a perfect example. Turn to designers Anna Kara and Mira Zwillinger for inspiration.

Side Splits

If you’re lucky enough to have killer pins, or just want to add that subtle sexiness to your wedding look then the side split might put a tick in the box. For this type of dress we love Dana Harel Bridal and Pronovias.

The Bridal Suit

Never wear dresses, and the thought of wearing one haunts you? No need to worry anymore. An absolute perfect example of this was Instagram sensation Victoria McGrath, better known as @inthefrow. She opted to wear a sharp Pronovias suit, which she wore for their black and white themed pre-wedding party. Clearly she had to pull off all the stops for the most instagram-able wedding however not everyone has that kind of budget to blow. So another option is laying items to get a different look through out the day, just as we did with Coco & Kat’s most recent photo shoot for GreenAcres.

Not sure on a suit? Then I know Emma is very partial to the dress over trousers look – as seen here by Halfpenny London. This exudes romance whilst nodding to those masculine vibes we all love.

The Statement Veil

No doubt we are going to see an influx in 2020 of the statement veil trend and this is due to Hailey Bieber literally using her veil to make a declaration of her love. Veils are timeless and have a way of adding a touch of romance to complete any bridal look.


Emma has a little bit of a thing for the Prairie look… think ruffles, vintage silhouettes, ribbons in hair, straw hats and of course Little House on the Prairie for anyone old enough to remember that 1980s Western drama!


I mentioned it last year and sustainability is still high on the Designer agenda – adapting ways they can be more eco-friendly and reducing packaging/the use of plastics to tweaking methods of reducing fabric waste. Take note of Alexandra Grecco, Rolling in Roses and Sanyukta Shrestha.

Hairbands, hoops and handbags