What is Your Customer Journey? Mapping Your Touchpoints

As a wedding venue owner or manager, understanding the customer journey and mapping out its touchpoints can be a game-changer in attracting and retaining clients.

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of the customer journey, why it’s essential for wedding venues, and provide you with clear action points to enhance the experience you offer.

Understanding the Customer Journey

The customer journey is the path a customer takes from their initial awareness of your venue to the final booking and post-event interactions. It’s not a linear process, and understanding the multiple touchpoints along this journey is crucial to meeting your client’s expectations. Here’s how you can start mapping your touchpoints:

Stage 1: Awareness

This is where potential clients first hear about your wedding venue. Touchpoints might include social media posts, search engine results, third-party listings such as Coco Wedding Venues, or recommendations from friends and family.

Action Point: Improve your online presence by regularly updating social media profiles, websites and marketing listings and investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure you’re easily found.

Stage 2: Consideration

As potential clients start considering your venue, they may visit your website, read reviews, and request brochures or information, and once they are further along, schedule a viewing.

Action Point: Ensure your website is user-friendly, with clear photos, pricing information, and testimonials. Streamline the brochure request process to provide prompt responses. Maintain open and timely communication during this phase. You might find this article helpful.

At a showround, the sale can be won or lost. Your team members are key to securing this final stage and ensuring the couple feel comfortable and excited by choosing your venue.

Action Point: Review your showround practices; what do you offer couples when they visit, how do you help them picture their wedding day at your venue, and what do couples leave with after their showround to ensure your venue is memorable?

Stage 3: Purchase

After clients decide to book your venue, the booking process should be as smooth as possible.

Action Point: Implement an easy-to-use booking system with online payment options. Provide a detailed contract and clear terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings.

Stage 4: Experience

Your clients may have questions, concerns, or specific requests leading up to the wedding day.

Action Point: Assign each client a dedicated event coordinator to provide personalised support and quickly address concerns. Ensure you set out timelines and expectations early to try and negate concerns.

Once the wedding day arrives, ensure everything is set up per the client’s specifications. Have a backup plan for unexpected situations and offer assistance where needed.

Action Point: Work on your standard operating procedures to have easy-to-follow systems in place for your team, helping to ensure the set-up and day run smoothly.

Stage 5: Advocacy

The customer journey continues after the wedding day. Send a thank-you note and request feedback.

Action Point: Use feedback to continually improve your services and consider incentives to encourage repeat business or referrals for other life celebrations.

Enhancing the Customer Journey

Now that you have an overview of the customer journey and its touchpoints let’s dive deeper into ways to enhance this journey for your couples:

Personalisation: Make each client feel like their wedding is unique. Address them by name, pay attention to their preferences, and offer custom solutions.

Communication: Keep lines of communication open and responsive. Encourage clients to ask questions or concerns at any stage of the process.

Transparency: Be honest and transparent about your offerings and pricing. Hidden costs or surprises can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Surprise and Delight: Go the extra mile to exceed expectations. Small gestures, like complimentary upgrades or a personalised gift, can create lasting memories. Read my article here on empowering your team to create moments of surprise and delight.

Timely Responses: Respond to enquiries, emails, and calls promptly. Delays can lead to clients looking elsewhere.

Quality Service: Ensure that every interaction with your venue staff is positive. Well-trained and friendly staff can leave a lasting impression. This also extends to your recommended suppliers.

Feedback Loop: Use client feedback to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary changes.

Consistency: Maintain a consistent experience throughout the customer journey. Clients should feel the same level of care and attention from the first interaction to the last.

Mapping the customer journey and enhancing touchpoints at your wedding venue can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining clients. By understanding the various stages and implementing action points, you can create a memorable experience that will lead to happy clients, referrals, and repeat business. Remember, the journey doesn’t end when the wedding day is over; it continues with post-event interactions and feedback, helping you continually improve your services.

Thirteen Twelve Consulting

Now is the perfect time to map and enhance your customer journey.

Get in touch today to start mapping your customer journey and ensure that your venue stands out and remains the perfect choice for couples.


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