Empowering Your Team to Create Moments of Surprise and Delight

Your team are a key touchpoint within your customer journey strategy. Every team member with direct and indirect contact with the customer journey has the opportunity to add elements of delight.

Align your team and cultivate a culture of going above and beyond

Recruit team members that align with your brand values and have a passion for customer service and the hospitality industry. Experience can be gained, but the impact of hiring an unaligned team member can have a ripple effect throughout your customer journey.

Equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to consistently provide exceptional service by investing in ongoing training and development that focuses on customer service skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

Encourage them to think independently, solve problems, and make judgment calls that prioritise client satisfaction. Empower your team to go above and beyond to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. This mindset will become ingrained in the team’s approach to serving clients, resulting in outstanding customer experiences and a strong venue reputation.

Creating a culture of going above and beyond in a wedding venue team requires fostering an environment where exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations are valued and encouraged.

Map your customer journeys

Mapping your customer’s journeys will help you and your team to anticipate the needs of your couple and their guests, proactively offer assistance, and provide the knowledge base and freedom to create moments of surprise and delight.

Step into the customer’s perspective and try to view the journey from their point of view. Consider their emotions, expectations, and desires at each stage. This empathetic approach can help you identify moments where surprises or delightful experiences can make a significant impact.

Encourage your team to solicit feedback from customers on how they can improve the customer experience. Overlay this customer feedback with the journey maps to help you gain a broader picture of the journey, identify areas for improvement and create new opportunities for surprise and delight.

Gather your team and engage in brainstorming sessions focused on creating moments of surprise and delight. Encourage innovative thinking and generate ideas for unique experiences, unexpected gestures, or personalised touches that can be integrated into the customer journey.

Nurture relationships

Communication is key and provides the foundations from which to be able to create moments of surprise and delight. Establish open and clear lines of communication with your couples by promptly responding to their enquiries, actively listening to their needs and concerns, and providing regular updates.

Take time to get to know the couple’s preferences and offer personalised recommendations that align with their style and vision for the day. Whether that is suggesting a bespoke menu to reflect their time in Italy or unique photo locations on the property that match their style. Providing tailored suggestions can demonstrate your attention to detail and commitment to making their wedding day exceptional.

Implement small, thoughtful gestures throughout the customer journey. For example, you could surprise the couple with a handwritten thank-you note or a small gift after they book your venue. These gestures show that you genuinely care about their experience and appreciate their business.

Follow up with your clients after their wedding to express your gratitude and check in on their satisfaction. This post-event engagement shows that you value their opinion and are committed to continuous improvement. Post-wedding communication is something that can often slip due to the fast-paced nature of weddings and events, however, maintaining ongoing engagement helps to build long-term relationships and encourages advocacy and referral.

Have standard operating procedures but prioritise personalisation

Standard operating procedures are vital for consistency and maintaining a good base level, however, your couples are looking for a personalised experience so ensure your team are using the templates but personalising them.

Engage your team members in the development process of standard operating procedures. Seek their input, insights, and suggestions. Their first-hand experience and expertise can contribute valuable perspectives to customise the procedures effectively. Discussing this during the journey mapping process can provide valuable on-the-ground insight into what has and hasn’t been working. These can be working documents that evolve over time.

Ensure that your standard operating procedures provide clear instructions and include examples whenever possible. This clarity helps team members understand how to personalise while adhering to the overall framework ensuring efficient operations and consistent customer experiences throughout your wedding venue.

Remember, the key is to genuinely care about your client’s experience and find creative ways to exceed their expectations. By creating moments of surprise and delight, you can leave a lasting positive impression and generate word-of-mouth referrals, ultimately enhancing your wedding venue’s reputation.

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