The Reveal! Rewild Things at Elmore Court

Written by Caitlin Hoare
Elmore Court’s treehouses are a slice of (super stylish) heaven wrapped in poplar ply, cork, and triple-glazing, soundtracked by nature, and perfectly perched on the edge of their magnificent, rewilded wetlands.

They say all good things must come to an end, and whilst this is true of our feature series, this is merely the beginning for Elmore Court and Rewild Things’ brand new treehouses, which we’re delighted to say are officially open!

We were invited to stay for the weekend just ahead of their official launch in late May, and quite frankly, we didn’t want to leave. If you love nothing more than scouring Canopy & Stars, immersing yourself in nature, luxuriating in outdoor baths, and snaffling local, seasonal produce, then this is the place for you.

The treehouses are part of Elmore’s owner, Anselm’s desire to open the estate up even more, above and beyond for weddings, inviting guests to stay deep within nature and experience how it’s possible to increase biodiversity and breathe positivity back into the environment by rewilding.

If you’re interested in their rewilding plans, you can catch up on our previous features via the blog. We caught up with Team E a couple of times during the progress of the project, initially to discuss the inspiration behind the build and to see how they were getting on at the beginning of the year.

I’m still reeling (in a GOOD way!) from our stay, so I am beyond thrilled to be sharing all the details with you today – here we go…

Rewild Things

The Setting 

If you’re not already familiar with Elmore Court, this beautiful estate and its vast grounds can be found tucked in a bend of the River Severn in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds. As you can probably imagine, it’s as pretty as a picture and even the drive to Elmore, on a bright, sunny May day, down the winding country lanes with hedgerows foaming with cow parsley was a real treat.

There are six luxury treehouses in total, each benefitting from exceptional views out across the young but already thriving wetlands beyond. Although positioned next to each other, the treehouses are set high in the canopy and almost completely enveloped by trees on three sides, making them beautifully discrete and totally private from one another. We stayed in Adder, an exceptional, immaculate space that has been perfectly designed for two. Although I had been anticipating this stay for a few weeks, I hadn’t actually done much research or snooping online beforehand, so everything was a complete surprise and a delightful one at that!

“Having been brought up in Africa with the great fortune to go on incredible safari trips I was a nature fanatic as a child. Moving to Elmore made me realize that you really don’t need to go to faraway places to get a nature ‘hit,’” says Anselm.

First Impressions

On arrival, we made our way along the winding boardwalk, which led to the front door of our treehouse. None of the established native trees were removed when installing each individual walkway, which explains why it feels like a fairly long and indirect route to get to your final destination but I personally think this added to the magic! Once through the front door, we were welcomed (and pretty taken aback) by the contemporary, welcoming and super cool space in front of us. While still very much a beautiful, luxurious ‘cabin,’ you absolutely feel immersed in nature thanks to the inside/outside decking areas, the abundance of large windows allowing light to flood into every space, and of course, the trees and wildlife that quite literally surround you.

The space is split into the cosy bedroom area, complete with reading nook, woodburner, super stylish bathroom, and a small but perfectly formed inside kitchen, and the ‘outside’ areas, which include a covered outdoor kitchen and dining space (by Roshults – super cool and brilliantly thought out), an outdoor copper bath (how many baths is too many baths? Asking for a friend!), and the spacious deck which was home to the infamous brazier (want, need), and two snoozing chairs which, to be honest, we spend most of our time lounging in!

The interiors were designed by Anselm’s cousin, Tracey Boyd, and I couldn’t help swooning over and snapping every single detail. From the earthy but polished colour palette to the refined cookware and the beautifully considered soft furnishings. Whilst you could say that this is a Scandi-inspired space, stark and impersonal it is not. Beautiful splashes of colour, texture, and pattern have been injected to make the whole environment sink-into-me comfortable, informal, and incredibly inviting.

Food and Drink

As committed foodies, a hamper literally bursting at the seams with local produce and homemade treats is a very exciting prospect to my partner and I. Elmore, you outdid yourselves! There was baked on-site sourdough and shortbread, homemade lilac cordial, milk from the estate farm, and a bottle of organic prosecco (amongst many other things!).

Whilst the treehouses are self-catering, guests are able to pre-order items from the Rewild Things kitchen…which is absolutely what we did. The perfect welcome after a long drive – a delicious, restaurant-worthy meal prepared and left for you to cook/reheat/assemble at your leisure. We opted for the fresh pappardelle pasta with creamy wild mushroom sauce, which came with a homemade garlic baguette, seasonal salad, and a perfect portion of grana padano. I can safely say it’s one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of pasta!

We ventured out on the second evening because we had pre-booked a table at The Woolpack Inn, located just outside Stroud. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic place with sublime food (same kind of ethos – into it!), but I came away feeling slightly regretful not to have just hung out at the treehouse for that extra bit of time. That’s what is so great about these spaces, I guess; head out and explore if you feel like it, but if you don’t want to, you really don’t have to. There really is more than enough to see, do and experience within your own little haven tucked amongst the trees.

More about rewild things

Anselm is one of an ever-growing circle of landowners in the UK who is well-versed on rewilding and regenerative farming, first introducing this way of land management in 2020. There is a deep commitment to focus on every element of the estate’s operation and operate as sustainably as possible.

Since 2020 actions taken to support this include:

  • Rare breeds – Reintroduction of rare breeds which has already seen the arrival of 29 longhorn cattle and in the future will include Tamworth pigs, red deer and Exmoor ponies for grazing.
  • Wild Swim – Working with the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust at nearby Slimbridge, Elmore has been monitoring the health of the 2,700m2 (over half an acre) spring-fed lake, which is now used for wild swimming. Madam’s Pool is one of many which would have originally been scattered across the land by the River Severn and used to water ancient orchards.  A wild swim and sauna or yoga and fitness retreat can now be booked at set times at
  • Walled Gardens – The restoration of the estate’s original walled gardens which have already begun to produce a diverse array of seasonal produce now supplying events as well as the Rewild Things guest menu on the estate.
  • Flourishing Floodplains – Approximately 23 acres of land in front of the treehouses are undergoing the transformation into a new wetland area, part of a nationwide project called Flourishing Floodplains which aims to encourage wildlife and native wildflowers to return to the area, restoring the Severn and Avon Vale floodplains to their former glory.
  • Wildfarmed – Some land has been set aside for regenerative agriculture which sees Elmore become part of the Wildfarmed project run by George Lamb and Andy Cato. This will see the production of Elmore’s own flour for bread from wheat grown, adopting the regenerative farming methods. The estate uses Wildfarmed flour for its in-house bakery and pastry kitchen.

Press Stay

Elmore Court is part of the Coco Wedding Venues directory, however we handpick each venue to be showcased and we only feature venues we adore. We were not paid to write this feature, but we were gifted a two night stay and dinner.

For more information and to book, head to Rewild Things.

Prices start from £250 per night with a minimum stay of two nights.


Venue Rewild Things at Elmore Court

Images Brett Charles Photography

Architecture by Millar Howard

Build by Greenheart

Interior Design by Tracey Boyd

Bespoke Furniture by Anselm Fraser

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