The Venue Report {The Bingham}

Written by Emma Hla
When I started Coco Wedding Venues, The Bingham was always a venue I wanted to showcase. For me, it’s the epitome of Classic Elegance with a modern twist and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream of marrying in this very venue.

So when the opportunity came my way to once again visit, and this time take along my husband, well I jumped at the chance! I wanted to return with the boy in tow, to see if it lived up to my happy memories… Oh boy did it. We had such a lovely time sipping cocktails and sampling the food, that even Mark has got in on the blogging action! He was so impressed he simply had to tell you all about his Seabass and Chocolate Marquise!

But first…

The Facts

Location… Tucked away beside the river in Richmond-upon-Thames.

Capacity… 90 seated – 150 standing / 15 luxury bedrooms.

Vibe… Presenting the perfect solution for couples looking to host their celebration in a chic boutique hotel with a ‘London’ vibe whilst set away from the hustle and bustle.

Style… the-venue-report-the-bingham-surrey-wedding-venue-style-icons-city-chic-classic-elegance-modern-vintage

Notes on The Bingham


Top Row Left, Second Row Right and Bottom Row Right: Images by Timeless Pictures Top Row Right, Second Row Left and Bottom Row Left: Images by Emma at Coco.

The Venue

Coco: We love a good road trip, so the boy and I were quite excited to set off in search of some luxury in the Surrey countryside. From the moment we arrived at The Bingham we knew we were in for a treat. Smoothly pulling into our reserved car parking space at the front of the hotel, we swooped into the warm and calming world that we would be calling home for the next 24 hours.

At once, we were greeted and escorted to our room, this I liked. Our boudoir for the evening was the Baudelaire, a sumptuous and spacious room with a four-poster bed, 180° views of the River, and a carpet that caressed your tootsies. We were in!

However, no time to spare, because we wanted to try the infamous cocktails, so down to the bar we headed. With Bellinis and Whiskey Sours ordered, we relaxed into our leather chairs and watched the fading sun dip from view, the fresh evening breeze whispering through the beautiful french doors. *sigh*

With our dinner reservation approaching, the charming Nicolas came by to give us a guided tour of the wedding venue. This chic boutique hotel with a ‘London’ vibe, prides itself on impeccable service and you can feel this passion from every single member of staff you talk too. Nicolas was no exception when guiding us through a Bingham wedding.


Images by Emma at Coco.

The intimate Garden Rooms are made up of three interconnecting rooms, each decorated in neutral décor and bathed in natural light. I immediately started to design my “if-only” wedding on this elegant blank canvas. From here guests can spill out onto the terrace which is all sleek, contemporary and with a river backdrop to-die-for. There’s even a romantic bench for a sneaky portrait session for the Bride & Groom.

After the grand tour, Nicolas carefully placed us in the hands of Restaurant Manager Ricardo, and so we began our foodie Wedding Breakfast extravaganza. It’s here I pass the blogging baton to my husband.

He’s desperate to have a chat with you…

The revelation

Mark {aka Mr Coco}: Mrs Coco and I recently visited The Bingham in Richmond. It’s a great hotel and has entered my top ten of “great places to sip a whisky cocktail”.

In the evening, we tried some of the dishes they offer for wedding receptions (I refuse to say “wedding breakfast” as it hurts my head). My starter was pigeon, my main was sea bass, and my dessert was a chocolate marquise. I doubt I’ve had better pigeon, better sea bass or a better dessert, and I’ve lost a lot of liver years from overeating in great restaurants.


Second Row Left: Image by Timeless Pictures. All other images by Emma at Coco.

During the meal Riccardo explained how the dishes were prepared, and gave me different wines to compliment the food (Mrs Coco stuck to sipping champagne). He also explained how couples came to The Bingham to sample the food and choose their dishes, how they often returned several times, and how he helped them find the right wines. It was at this point that I had my revelation… planning a wedding could have been fun!

Like most men, I saw wedding planning as a list that needed to be completed, in the minimum amount of time, and at the lowest cost possible without getting it in the neck (too much) from the wife-to-be. What I realise now is that it could have been different. Cake tastings could have been day-trips, planning meetings could have been cocktails, and our food and wine choosing could have been deluxe dining with a personal food advisor. I know that time is sometimes in short supply, but I think that makes it even more important that these special months before marriage are full of fun and romance, cleverly crafted around that important list of tasks.

Unfortunately, (err, no fortunately) I won’t be getting married again. If I was, then I would try to make the planning fun and memorable. I’d take photos and post updates on Facebook, as I would on a holiday. Anything to remind us that this isn’t a job, this is a unique experience and an opportunity to do new things with your future Mrs you. If you’re not sure, go visit Ricardo at The Bingham and you’ll see what I mean!


Top Row Right and Second Row Left: Images by Timeless Pictures. All other images by Emma at Coco.

So there you have it… A fairly comprehensive report on our stay at The Bingham.

I could go on and on about how lovely this venue is, but then it holds a very special place in my heart. Almost 8 years ago, we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday in their chic dining rooms and it was fabulous even then. So you see, for me, when I walked through the big black door into their warm and welcoming reception it was liked being hugged by an old friend. Or better yet, by my Dad.

I urge you to make your own memories in this picture perfect venue.

You can find The Bingham on the Coco directory pages here and if you fancy checking it out for yourself then the lovely folks are hosting an Open Day on Sunday 19th October between 11 – 4pm. Find out more by giving them a call on 0208 940 0902.

Lot’s of love…

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