Meet a Wedding Venue Co-ordinator

Written by Emma Hla
Images courtesy of Didsbury House Hotel.

As part of a recent Love My Dress feature by Katrina Otter I contributed to a couple of wedding topics and one of these topics was regarding the differences between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Co-ordinator.

“If you’re looking for someone to assist with every aspect of the planning process – from working out budgets, sourcing, contacting and liaising with suppliers, helping you choose flowers, negotiating the logistics, writing your invitations (and everything in between!) then my friend, you need to get yourself a wedding planner.”

And what about a Co-ordinator…?

“At a venue, most in-house planners will assist with all the logistics on the venue side and will help you get the most from the venue on the day as they understand how their venue works. They can also give you guidance on which suppliers to contact, but it will be YOU contacting and negotiating with the suppliers rather than the coordinator.”

So that really is it in a nutshell, but I’ll leave you to discover the full conversation (as well as lots of other wonderful planning tips by Kat and fellow LMD Contributors) in the linked article above.

I’ve met many in-house planners and coordinators that I would trust implicitly with the running of my wedding day so I thought it was about time we went behind-the-venues and met with the teams that will be your first point of call when enquiring right through to the day you marry.

This morning we’re meeting Jenny Hart, the Wedding Co-ordinator at Eleven Didsbury Park and their sister venue Didsbury House Hotel.

Notes from Jenny Hart


So what does a wedding venue co-ordinator do…? Well, it’s my job to take the stress away from the Bride & Groom and make sure they get the day they have dreamed of without the hassle that may come with it. I look after the timings of the day, what will happen when, the food and when that is served, and make sure all their requests are put into action!

When considering venues, it’s really important you know whether or not they have an in-house coordinator and if they’ll be dedicated to you. If this is the kind of assistance you require then dry hire venues or locations that don’t offer that support might not be for you.

You need to make sure you ask the venue as many questions as you can think of in order to see if they can meet your wish-list.

One of my most memorable weddings was a fusion wedding where the Groom was English and the Bride was Asian, so it was a mixture of cultures coming together. During the day they had the traditional Asian wedding at Eleven Didsbury Park which was so colourful with stunning sari’s and candles and an outdoor barbecue afterwards. Then at 5pm they walked a few yards up the road to our other venue Didsbury House where it was transformed into a traditional English style wedding. All the guests changed outfits and the Bride came down our sweeping staircase in a beautiful white wedding dress and got married at around 7pm. So we had two weddings in one day, which was hectic but totally unforgettable!

Nowadays a lot of couples want to create that house party atmosphere for their wedding day which is why we find Eleven Didsbury Park and Didsbury House so popular with them. Informal weddings are becoming more and more popular amongst couples and we have two stunning intimate venues where you can tailor you day how you want it however formal or informal.

Three Simple Tips

Tip # 1

Make sure that your guests are well fed as it can make your day run smoother. Canapés are great to fill those times during the day that are taken up by photographs being taken and a lot of waiting around for guests. Regular food and beverages for your guests keep the party going and prevents a lull in the proceedings!

Tip # 2

Also think about your venue and accommodation – how long can the party go on for and are there enough rooms for everyone to stay over…? At Didsbury House and our sister hotel, we offer exclusive takeover of the venue for our Bride & Groom-to-be. This means that they pay one price, which includes all the rooms. Couples can either choose to cover this cost for their guests, or offer rooms at a tariff of their own choice, making the accommodation affordable for their friends & family.

Tip # 3

Even if you have a stunning venue, it’s nice to add in some beautiful florals! This will add a touch of personality and of course allow you to put your own style stamp on the place. Some venues may have a Preferred or Recommended Supplier list which includes florists, usually the florists recommended will know what does and doesn’t suit the venue but if you want to bring in your own florist and the venue is happy, then work alongside the venue wedding co-ordinator to bring your vision to life!

I love weddings and seeing the venue transformed into the couple’s own style and vision. It’s so fulfilling for me to see it come together and be in on the action and then when they walk down the aisle you feel like you have helped put the smile on their face…

Thank you Jenny! You can see the full Eclectic Hotels collection on our directory – Take a peek at the brand NEW King Street TownhouseGreat John Street and On the 7th!

Lots of love…

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