How Do You Make Your Wedding Feel Like You?

Written by Emma Hla
Team E (the lovely folks at Elmore Court pictured above!) are known for their relaxed and friendly way of wedding planning, so we thought we’d call on them to help us with one of every couple’s top FAQ; how to personalise your wedding day?

Making your wedding feel like ‘you’ sounds simple doesn’t it? Just make choices that are unique to you as a couple… but with so much wedding inspiration out there we can all get a bit overwhelmed and sometimes carried away in the torrent of Pinterest prettiness, so here’s a little life line to hold on to in your wedding planning journey; top tips on how to make your wedding more you.

Notes from Elmore Court

Does it spark joy?

The Konmari method actually works incredibly well with all areas of wedding planning. Picture the item, theme or table plan in your minds eye. Do you get a glowing, happy feeling when you see it? Then great, go for it! If not maybe it’s not meant to be part of your big day.

Pro tip: this also works for wedding guest listing.

Your wedding dress

We promise you, you really do not have to wear a long white dress.

We have seen brides looking incredibly stunning and feeling fabulous in sequins, black wedding dresses, red gowns, mini dresses, suits and more.

The same applies to the groom, if you don’t feel comfortable in a suit and tie, why on earth would you wear one!

Try everything on, including the more traditional bridal attire, and that outrageous outfit you’ve always wanted to splash out on but could never find a good enough excuse, and go with whatever you feel the most glorious in.

Bridesmaids dresses

Here’s another great way to add colour and personality to your day.

We have loved some of the creative bridesmaids looks here this year;

  • Sequin bridesmaids in leather jackets
  • Bridesmaids in Rosa Bloom sequin bodysuits with tulle skirts
  • 1950’s style bridesmaids in matching sunglasses
  • All shapes and sizes of mismatching bridesmaids – some all wearing the same colour but in totally different styles (jumpsuits, maxi dresses and mini dresses), some in similar style dresses in different colours, some in totally different outfits with matching jackets or wraps.

Wedding shoes

If you don’t leave the house without a killer heel then obviously you’ve got a whole wold of wedding shoes out there to choose from (just make sure you have some comfies for after midnight when your soul is still dancing but your soles are worn out) but if you’re not comfortable in heels, don’t even give it a second thought. Buy yourself some really cool new trainers and rock the dress and flats look.

The number one rule is to feel comfortable and like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, comfort is key to being able to be truly you.

Celebrate you

Your wedding is a celebration of your love, your two separate lives coming together forever and your families joining as one, so make sure you and your partner are reflected in your big day. How?

  • Baby photos
  • Awkward teenage photos
  • Place names of where you’ve travelled
  • Place names of where you met, had your first date, got engaged etc.
  • Photos of the two of you throughout your relationship
  • Photos of family members who can’t attend
  • Photos of past family weddings
  • A timeline, infographic or story of your relationship up until this point (maybe guests could predict the rest of your journey as a fun reception activity – or write on slips of paper for you to open after your honey moon to help beat the wedding blues)


Make sure your playlist really reflects you as a couple – don’t get too bogged down in the latest trends or what you think your friends will approve of. Choose all the songs that remind you of the good times you’ve had and sprinkle them throughout your day.

The most important songs to make special are;

  • Ceremony song
  • Entering the Gillyflower as newlyweds
  • First dance,
  • Last song of the night

If you’re going to splash out, music and entertainment is where we suggest doing so. Book your favourite band from last year’s festival, or the DJ you’ve loved for years. Choose entertainment that is unique to you as a couple. We have seen it all here, from the bride and groom being serenaded by the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins, The New York brass band playing the newlyweds down the aisle, to surprise live bands getting the entire wedding party up and dancing halfway through the meal. Music and entertainment is the number one area you can really have fun with and make your wedding something truly special that no-one will forget.

Traditional food and drink?

This is one place where tradition has no part in a wedding. Forget the chicken wedding breakfast, it’s your day, you can choose whatever you like! Be that vegan fish and chips, a pile of cookies instead of a wedding cake and margaritas instead of champagne to toast the speeches – don’t let history way you down, go with your gut.

This is another perfect way to add personal touches to your wedding day – choose food that reminds you of special times – raid your grandmas recipe book, or pick the meal you had on your first date, or the food you shared after you got engaged. You can even ask your guests to contribute and have a dessert table full of delicious homemade puddings. It’s a great way to save on wedding cake, and even better if sponge isn’t your thing!

Look after yourself

The thing that will make the most difference to your wedding day is your mindset. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and stressing yourself out over all the little details you’ll be tired, stressed and not in the party mood by the time your wedding day dawns.

So most importantly, above everything else, look after yourself. Don’t let wedding planning take up all your time, give back to yourself every day and make sure you give yourselves a pat on the back every time you tick something off your wed min list.

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