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Written by Emma Hla
Treseren is an intimate country house wedding venue nestled in the Cornish countryside. Emily at Three Acre Blooms is a talented florist based just a stone’s throw (or a few fields) away from Treseren. So, it was inevitable that these two small businesses would work together when they discovered that they share a core value in both businesses and home life – sustainability.

Emma, Treseren:

At Treseren, sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do. From the outset, we set out to balance people, the planet and profit to create a sustainable and vibrant business – giving back to people, our environment and the local economy. As well as our immediate natural environment, we care deeply about the global challenges that we are all facing. We are one small business in Cornwall, but there is an encouraging statistic – for the majority of society to change, just 25% of people must change their behaviour. This inspires us to continue our sustainability journey and provide transparency in everything we do. The whole team feels passionately about our role in looking after our environment now and for the future.

We are inspired by the brilliant small businesses we work with who share our values and have become an extended part of the Treseren family. Their approach and ethos align with the principles we hold to create small and beautiful weddings that deliver quality, creativity, and style and prioritise a dedication to sustainability. Our Little Black Book of recommended suppliers offers couples environmentally responsible options for their special day.

Emily at Three Acre Blooms is an inspiration, and we love telling couples how their wedding flowers will be lovingly grown a short distance from Treseren. We let Emily tell them the rest, as we couldn’t rival her passion and enthusiasm for what she does!

Emily, Three Acre Blooms:

Sustainability is at the heart of my business. I use flowers grown here at Three Acre for weddings and events, grown organically without chemicals in the most sustainable way possible. By using flowers grown here at Three Acre in such proximity to Treseren, I can ensure that I’m focusing on seasonality and sustainability while ensuring that, as nature intended, the flowers are at their best.

Florals By:
Three Acre Blooms
Cornwall, UK

We use no dig methods in our growing and don’t cultivate the land around it. We don’t use machinery – it’s wild and left alone. It can look untidy, but it’s the best for pollinators. This also means your flower miles are very low, as we never import flowers.

Usually, Holland or Kenya is where most wedding flowers come from; these flowers have been grown on a mass scale, using a wide variety of chemicals, with flowers bred for longevity and robustness (allowing them to travel thousands of miles out of water in an aeroplane) – often at the sacrifice of scent and most definitely to the detriment of the environment. Aside from the obvious benefits of having beautiful smelling, organically grown flowers, by growing the flowers, I can choose some exceptional varieties to grow that aren’t available from the international flower markets, and that does give my work a unique wild and naturalistic look which is not achievable when using imported flowers.

My arrangements are created without using floral foam and using sustainable and low-waste methods. I hate waste and will always suggest ways to repurpose arrangements during a wedding day to ensure couples get the best value out of the flowers. Once the celebrations are over, I encourage people to take as many flowers as possible, and those they can’t carry are brought back to the farm and composted. This compost is used to grow the following year’s flowers – a real circular approach to things!

There is a lot of talk in the floristry world about sustainable practices, and I am so pleased that this issue is becoming increasingly important to my couples. I have never run my business in another way. This has been our approach since the very beginning, and it’s great to see that this is another question couples ask when considering suppliers to be part of their special day.

I genuinely love working with Treseren, a venue that shares my core values towards sustainability and seasonality in its entire approach to its brilliant business.

Sustainability at Treseren

You can read more about Treseren’s commitment to sustainability on their website.


Venue Treseren

Flowers Three Acre Blooms

Photographers Lyra & Moth and Sofie Michelle

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