Douce – the Mobile Hair Salon

Written by Emma Hla
Images courtesy of Douce.
We have many beautiful outdoor wedding venues where glamping is the accommodation of choice!

But, perhaps there are a few of you who fancy getting close to nature but need to figure out how you’ll scrub up the morning of your wedding. Well, fear not because we’ve found a pretty ace solution!

Keep reading to discover douce

Notes from Douce

Introducing ‘douce‘, the Mobile Hair Salon built within a 1960s American Airstream that offers professional hairstyling for your special day, our mobile salon is the perfect environment for servicing your wedding party’s hair.

Inspired by a contemporary 1960s theme, its unique interior is an intimate space for you and your bridal party to have your hair styled before your wedding. As we are mobile, we can bring the salon experience to you; we have two chairs, meaning we can accommodate up to 12 people in a 5-hour session at whatever time may suit your schedule.

We also have a very friendly and cosy area for you to relax in whilst you wait for your time in the chair where you can enjoy a drink!

Douce was first conceived when owner Philip Benton wanted to combine convenience for his clients and a unique salon experience; it was brought to light by a bright idea to take hairdressing to his clients by bringing a salon to their workplace. Now, two years on, we have two salons – one based in Cambridge and another in the City Of London – we enjoy taking them to weddings, festivals and events as it takes us away from our routine and allows us to reach more people.

Starting to do weddings was a natural progression for Douce, and we have had great success so far; having an award-winning team of stylists with decades of experience in the industry has allowed us our versatility and means nothing is out of the question. Our clients especially loved how warm and social our Airstream Salons are; sitting and chatting in soothing surroundings is a nerve calmer.

Renovating the Airstreams was a family affair, each taking a whole summer to strip down and completely revamp the whole inside, ensuring everything was exactly how we wanted it to be. The same attention to detail is mirrored day-to-day in our work; being in a comfortable, creative place allows our stylists to work at their best, producing the perfect results. One central ethos at Douce is enabling the client to feel at ease in the chair, interacting and making it a personal experience for each individual.

Our packages are tailored to each specific wedding, meaning we are not able to give a standard price; if you would like to enquire, then please email

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