Year Two…

Written by Emma Hla

I’m being a bit indulgent today and taking over this little piece of my blog as it’s our two year wedding anniversary. Yep, two whole years since this day. If you’ve been with Coco since the beginning you’ll know this directory was started because of my own wedding planning journey and my business dream became a reality thanks to this lovely, lovely man’s support and love.

I’ve been a wife now for 731 days and not one of those days has gone by without me looking down at my wedding rings and adoring their very presence. The indentation that’s now firmly noted on my skin when I remove them feels like a constant reminder that this boy really has made a deep mark on my life, in a relatively short space of time.

As I type this, he’s currently outside prodding at the BBQ with our pup at his feet and a book in hand. It’s a summery Sunday evening and I’m sipping on a Hendricks & Rose Lemonade (it’s yum – try it!), figuring out my to-do list for the impending week and it dawns on me once again “how did I get so lucky…?”.

Whilst I embrace these reflective and warming moments, I know it won’t always be this picture-perfect. Life will happen, our paths will change (for better and for worse) and we’ll continue to grow as individuals and as a couple. As I mentioned, Year One was hard, we didn’t exactly have that newlywed glow; we both started new businesses, our first steps into parenthood (errr… with a dog) made us realise we’ll probably never be ready for sleepless nights and it was a year of starting-up, in more ways than one.

The wedding day and that first year of marriage hold so much pressure, it all has to be perfect right…? Maybe, maybe not. I think sometimes it’s what comes after the stress, excitement and honeymooning that’s the real perfection. Two people joined together, chosen by each other, promising to be there and working damn hard to be the very best team they can be.

So folks, if you’re about to get married relax and enjoy the journey because it really is so special, and if you’ve just become a wife, stop analysing your wedding day and throw away all of those post W-day anxieties! You’re missing the truly exciting part…

I’ll leave you with some words from the boy, he wrote this in my wedding gift, a beautiful copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and this message is still so precious to me today, 731 days in;

“We’ll go through the rabbit hole together and our adventure starts today…”

Happy Anniversary Mr Hla…

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