Office Darling

Written by Emma Hla
There is something about a New Year isn’t there, something in the month of January that indicates a fresh start…

What better way to clear out the cobwebs of the old than with a bit of DIY, a fresh lick of paint and some new styling purchases…

So today I wanted to share with you a mood board for my office that’s influenced the gorgeous space I call Coco HQ

My new Monday – Friday home.

Right at the beginning, when I set out to create my own business, I had a few goals I wanted to achieve…

  • To create a beautiful brand that would ultimately inspire and help Brides & Grooms-to-be on their first step.
  • To have something that’s mine and a brand I feel proud of.
  • To create a business which would allow a better work / life balance so that I could a) work from home and b) entertain the notion of a puppy!

Coco Wedding Venues - Office Darling - Not on the Highstreet.

Image via Abigail Warner on Not on the Highstreet.

So I think I’m doing ok on the first goal, the second box is most definitely ticked and the third… well… I’m still work in progress on the whole work / life balance…

Aren’t we all…?

What seems silly to me now, is that when starting out I didn’t think of the practicalities of working from home. But as the husband pointed out – working on the sofa, with the laptop balanced on my knee, drinking coffee and eating biscuits couldn’t last for long.

Right… Said I.

I need an office darling.


For me the office space needed to be clean, functional and a stylish yet subtle addition to our living room space.

Think… White desk, ghost Eames chair, ledge shelving for my favourite wedding photographs and simple vases for fresh buds.

This was the Moodboard for my design…

Coco Wedding Venues - Office Darling - Moodboard with Overlay.

Top Row Left: Image via Myra Madeleine. Top Row Middle: Image by Kristofer Johnsson. Top Row Right: Image by Jason Busch. Second Row Left: Image via Design Sponge. Second Row Middle: Image by Tonje Boganes. Second Row Right: Image via The Everygirl. Bottom Row Left: Image via Design Sponge. Bottom Row Middle: Image via Elisabeth Heier. Bottom Row Right: Image via I Love Aesthetics.

I’ve just a few more things to add, but I’m happy with my Coco Office and it’s an exciting hub of productivity and creativity!

I’ll be sharing the finished space soon!

How many of you work from home…?

Or maybe you’ve just made the jump and the whole creating an  office space / thing is on your to-do list!

Or maybe you’d just like to get a little more organised in the planning of your wedding and need a space of your own for Wedding HQ…?

Either way, I’d love to know your own inspiration thoughts…

Lots of love…

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