Happy mini-birthday to Coco!

Written by Emma Hla
Guess what… I’ve had this little corner of the internet for 6 months now.


Yep, 6 months ago I hit the big round red virtual GO LIVE button and, if I’m honest, it’s been a bit of a blur ever since!

For those of you who have been following Coco since the beginning (thanks Mum) then a big smushy kiss is heading your way today, and for those of you who have found us, given us some love and have shared that love with others then you deserve a smushy kiss too… Oh and to all my gorgeous, gorgeous blog contributors, yeah you get the idea, smushy kisses!

Be warned… I’m all about the free love today.

This is me exuding some love on a beach… kind of.


Images by Dale Weeks Photography.

Coco so far

As you may or may not know, I created Coco Wedding Venues because of my personal wedding-venue-search-fiasco… Yes, I am that girl who started up a business after planning a wedding! So back to the story, I wanted to merge the functionality of a kick-ass search tool with the prettiness of the wedding blogs I held so dear to me during my own planning… So that’s what I set out to do.

What I didn’t expect, 6 months down the road, was the unbelievable response to this idea, in short, you love it!

So, I’m more determined than ever to make Coco Wedding Venues the go-to venue directory for all those stylish and discerning couples wanting something luxe, cool and just a little bit different.

Whilst I continue working hard, scouring the land and handpicking my absolute fave venues for you lovely lot, I would love to ask for something in return…

Please do feel free to get in touch and let me know if you have any feedback about the search tool, from functionality through to aesthetics. Or maybe you have a suggestion about how we can improve the wedding venue search journey, or maybe, just maybe you know of an absolute hidden gem that would be utter perfection for our collection… Come and say hello!

But for those of you who’ve just landed on these pages, you can learn how to navigate our site here, or if you want to go right back to the beginning then you can read my very first post here.

Now I promise I’m not going to make a song and a dance about turning 6 months old and I certainly won’t be doing any Oscar-worthy speeches, well maybe to my husband after a glass of vino too many tonight! But I did want to mark the end of this week with a little blog post… Because this was the week I felt a gear change in Coco HQ.

So much more to come lovelies!

Before I go, I’d just like to give a mention to the ridiculously lovely Dale Weeks, who gave up a Saturday morning to grab a coffee with me and head down to Brighton beach to help me update the Coco brand images. He’s blinking marvellous to work with and he’s managed to make me look pretty good, so Brides-to-be check him out! He’s ace.

17. Coco Wedding Venues - Emma at Coco

Image by Dale Weeks Photography.

Have a happy, happy weekend all…

Lots of love…

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