Why Guests Love it When Couples Have a Gift List

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5 ways having a Gift List will make things easier for your guests (and you!)

Your wedding guests will absolutely want to gift you something to mark your special day; it’s a wonderful tradition that is thankfully not showing any sign of ending any time soon!

You’ll find that even if you don’t have an official gift list, the majority of your guests will give you something – it’s your wedding day after all, and your guests will want to recognise this by giving you a gift that you will treasure and keep as a couple.

Curating a gift list is an often overlooked but fun part of wedding planning that will take the stress out of gift giving for your guests.

Our team of gift list experts at The Wedding Shop share five reasons why your guests will be glad that you’ve chosen to have a gift list for your wedding. We’ve even included a handy Shop Edit with some of our fave picks to get you started…

Having a gift list gives guests confidence that they are buying you something that you’ll truly love and treasure.

You’ll find that your guests will want to give you extra-special items that you’ll cherish for years to come, which mark your big day. Having a gift list not only gives your guests confidence that they are gifting you something that you will love, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask for something that is meaningful to you. You’ll be able to choose gifts that will stand the test of time, and in years to come they’ll be a lovely reminder of your loved ones and the memories created on your wedding day.

It takes the stress away from choosing the perfect gift and worrying about duplications.

Gift giving can be difficult for guests at the best of times. Perhaps you and your partner have lived together for a while, and already have all of the essentials that make up a home? It can be stressful for friends and family to know where to start when searching for that special gift, especially if you already have the basics covered. Let alone trying to coordinate gifts between themselves and trying to get you something different to avoid gifting the same item twice! Having a gift list not only takes all of that stress away, but it also gives your guests the opportunity to choose something from your list that means something to them too. They’ll be thanking you for making their life easier, and for taking the stress out of gift giving.

They’ll love the group gifting option!

Friends and family members often like to club together and buy you something extra special, but organising this can be tricky. Having a gift list makes this super easy! When you create your Wedding Shop gift list there’s a handy group gifting option that allows you to add a high-priced gift that your friends and family may want to joint gift you. From a new velvet sofa, to the latest TV or even that KitchenAid you’ve always dreamed of. Great things can happen when your guests come together! And in turn you’ll get something special that you’ve always wanted.

They’ll feel part of the celebrations even if they’re unable to attend.

Travelling to a wedding might not always be possible for your guests, especially at this time. You’ll find even those who are unable to attend on the day will still want to give you something to mark the occasion. Having a gift list makes it easy for them to know what to give you, and they’ll even be able to leave an extra personal heartfelt message when they purchase their gift. They also won’t need to worry about shipping or delivery charges – useful if you have friends and family overseas. When you create your Wedding Shop gift list there are also clever ways of making your gift list unique that will help guests feel closer to you. You’ll be able to upload your favourite photo, add messages and arrange your gifts in the order you want so you can make your list extra-personal. Plus, there’s also a Thank You Manager which keeps track of who bought you which gift, making it super easy for you to thank your family and friends and giving you more time for the fun bit – choosing and unboxing your gifts!

It makes life easier for guests attending on the day.

Having a gift list means that your guests won’t need to worry about bringing a gift along with them on your wedding day, saving much-needed space in their luggage and meaning they won’t need to worry about any breakages. And it also means that you won’t need to remember to take these gifts with you after you’ve danced the night away! When you choose to have a Wedding Shop gift list we will lovingly pack and deliver your gifts once you’ve made your final selection in one go – a welcome home gift that will bring you joy long after the confetti has settled. Not ready to receive them all quite yet? We offer six months free storage and two free deliveries to give you the flexibility you need.

The Gifts Guests Love to Give
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Artisan Stand Mixer, 4.8 Litre, Almond Cream
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Barnes Set Of 6 Towels, White
blush & blue
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Beaumont Set Of 6 Red Wine Glasses
blush & blue
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Gift Voucher Towards One Night At The Artist Residence For Two, Brighton
Mr & Mrs Smith
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Hydrocotton Hand Towel, White
The White Company
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Kastehelmi Cake Stand
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Mixology Set Of 4 Champagne Coupes
Waterford Crystal
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial – Bottle
Moet Hennessy
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Olja Table Lamp Base – Green Lustre
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Personalised Thin Rectangular Board With Groove Handles, Oak
The Oak & Rope Company
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Pimlico Serving Tray With Brushed Gold Handles
blush & blue
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Portobello 12 Piece Dinner Set, Grey
The White Company
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Regular Letterbox Flower Subscription, 3 Months
Bloom & Wild
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Sampara Storm Lantern, Tall, Aged Antique Brass
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Signature Cast Iron Shallow Casserole, 30cm – 3.2 Litre, Meringue
Le Creuset
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Wellbeing Pod, White
Neom Organics London

The Wedding Shop

When you create your gift list at The Wedding Shop you’ll find unrivalled choice, flexibility and exceptional service – all in one place. Their expert buyers have curated a unique selection of gifts from over 450 of the world’s leading brands, including The White Company, Mr & Mrs Smith, Oka and Le Creuset, plus you can also list honeymoon funds, charity contributions and personalised funds.

Not sure where to start with your gift list?  Your very own advisor will be on hand to guide you through the process, and you can even meet with them over a glass of bubbly in their Fulham Townhouse or Selfridges Showroom where you can scan and add gifts to your list as you explore.

Create a list and get £50* to spend at The Wedding Shop

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