What’s the Best Time of Year to Get Married?

Written by Caitlin Hoare
There’s quite a lot to consider when it comes to planning a wedding (understatement of the year!): the location, the venue style, the flowers, the OUTFITS and, of course, the date.

When it comes to the latter, a few factors might come into play when deciding on the time of year to get married. Are you envisioning a seasonal-themed wedding? Does the wedding need to align with the school holidays? And perhaps most importantly, does your dream venue have availability on your preferred date? Although you may have an ideal time/month in mind for your big day, this might only work out sometimes, so flexibility is key when hunting down your perfect venue and securing a date.

Before we dive into the different times of year to get married, it’s worth noting that there’s absolutely no right or wrong answer here. We all have individual approaches, tastes, styles, and passions, so what might float one person’s boat might be the ‘plan F’ of someone else, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s what makes this industry so unique and diverse; every season brings a new story to be explored, communicated and shared, whether in nature, fashion or food and ensures that the opportunity for creativity is never-ending.

I personally think every season holds something magical, don’t you? But to help you uncover these gems and consider how you can harness each season’s beauty for your own festivities (it’s a no to strawberries in January or peonies in November, folks!), let’s take a look at the different times of year to get married, one season at a time…


As the crispness of winter fades, spring brings a refreshing burst of colour and new life to our surroundings. Green shoots, pink buds and prancing lambs cover the UK’s countryside, and as we move into late April/early May, well, that’s when nature’s paintbox really starts showing off!

Seasonally, you can expect cherry blossom, daffodils and rhododendrons in full bloom – the perfect backdrop for your couples’ portraits, and anemones, tulips, peonies, sweet peas (and more) to choose from to make up your bouquets.

Spring is also when the temperature starts rising, and more ambient conditions are welcomed with open arms. A heatwave is unlikely, as is snow, which is why a wedding with milder weather during March, April and May could be the perfect option, ensuring everyone feels comfortable on the day. This is especially true if you’re planning a multi-day event with outdoor elements: the ceremony, perhaps? Or a tipi reception? Utterly gorgeous this time of year.

We couldn’t talk about the various times of the year to get married without touching on the food and drinks. Much like florals, each season has its treasures, and spring is a delightful bounty of fresh and zingy produce: asparagus, spring greens, lamb, elderflower, rhubarb… yum!


Ah, peak wedding season. It is the busiest time in our venues’ diaries and most suppliers’ calendars too. But there’s an obvious reason for this. Marked by top temperatures, longer days, blossoming florals, burgeoning kitchen gardens, and long and languid summer holidays – you can’t deny it’s got a lot going for it! But because it’s the most popular time of year to get married, availability gets snapped up super fast, especially for the most covetable venues and vendors – so consider this your official heads-up! Don’t rest on your laurels; you must start researching and securing your non-negotiables sooner than you think to avoid disappointment.

Not everyone loves summer, though; for some, it’s too hot or too busy. But you can’t deny it does seem to put a spring in everyone’s step. Well, unless there’s a heatwave. That’s another thing to keep in mind – if you dream of a balmy summer soiree, just be aware that it could very well end up being a scorcher! Our resident wedding planner, Katrina Otter, wrote an excellent advice piece on this subject, so please read it if you’re navigating a summer celebration.

From a visual perspective, summer weddings are a feast for the eyes. As well as berries, tomatoes, herbs and many other delicious ingredients, summer brings a riot of colour. Of course, you can have whatever colour palette you like at ANY time of the year, but summer does lend itself perfectly to bold hues and vibrant details. A colourful summer wedding indeed couldn’t be described as boring!

But while we’re all very quick to focus on the look of a wedding, what about the scent? During these summer months, the flowers surrounding your venue or making up your beautiful bouquet will play an important role. Did you know that the part of the brain responsible for smell is directly linked to the parts that look after memory and emotion? As you plan your summer celebration, keep in mind the profound impact scent can have on the overall feeling and memories of your special day.


There is a LOT to love about autumn from a seasonal point of view but also from a wedding planning perspective. First up, the warm, golden light apparent during this season creates a warm and romantic atmosphere, casting a magical glow that enhances every moment of the festivities. The rich, autumnal colours further contribute to the aesthetic, with nature’s palette of deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden tones providing a breathtaking backdrop to your celebration.

Although the weather is still likely to be pretty lovely, if you secure an autumn wedding, it’s unlikely that you’ll be relying on beautiful conditions ALL day long, which you might do if you were hosting it in summer. If the weather isn’t on your side on the day itself, it shouldn’t matter so much. This is especially true if you’ve booked a beautiful rustic barn or a rambling country house. These styles of venues have excellent indoor spaces where you can spread out and revel in the festive atmosphere without worrying about what’s happening outside!

When searching for your venue, autumn is often considered a ‘mid’ season time of year, meaning availability isn’t as competitive as the months proceeding, which might also be reflected in the cost. If your venue has a tiered pricing offering, the autumn months could offer a weekend date that you might not have considered/been able to afford during peak season.

From a culinary perspective, autumn weddings bring forth a feast of seasonal delights. Imagine savouring dishes crafted from mushrooms, pumpkins, and brassicas and indulging in the rich flavours of red wine and game. The autumnal bounty adds a layer of warmth and comfort to your wedding menu, making it a culinary experience that complements the cosy ambience of the season.


Winter can be an utterly beautiful time of year to get married, but one winter month triumphs over the others: December. There are no surprises there, then! It is an absolutely magical time of year to get married when you can harness the festive spirit and extend the celebrations for longer than usual! Not forgetting the elegant Christmas decor, twinkling lights, festive wreaths, and the overall holiday ambience can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of the celebration, while candles, festoon lighting, and sparklers add warmth and whimsy to the atmosphere.

When you opt for a winter wedding, you can take Mother Nature out of the equation because most of your day will be spent indoors. Unless you are blessed with a sprinkling of snow, and then you’re in winter wonderland heaven – an enchanting backdrop straight out of a fairytale… just imagine your wedding gallery.

But how about a NYE wedding? Seeing in the new year surrounded by all your favourite people means a super special and memorable occasion without the heightened expectations that usually surround the annual event (and the queues!). A winter setting like NYE provides the perfect backdrop for a black-tie affair. Tuxedos find their natural elegance on cool evenings, while sequin dresses sparkle against the ambient lighting. In essence, a wedding in winter can truly encapsulate the magic of the season, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for all.

Besides the emotional appeal, a wedding in December, January or February also brings practical advantages, such as better venue and supplier availability. Plus, travel and accommodation costs tend to be more budget-friendly during winter, making it easier for guests to join the celebration.

When choosing the time of year for your wedding, consider the transformation each season brings to your chosen venue. From the blooming gardens of spring to the radiant warmth of summer, the rustic elegance of autumn, and the snowy charm of winter. Each has pros and cons, but make sure you have a plan b in place if you’re choosing a particular time of year for the ‘perfect’ weather, for example. Additionally, consider the practical aspects such as venue availability, associated costs, and the overall logistics that ensure your celebration unfolds seamlessly, regardless of your chosen season.

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