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Written by Emma Hla
Images courtesy of The Savoy.
If you missed our ‘Back to School’ planning feature last week then The Savoy are here to give you their top tips for kick-starting your wedding planning! We’re handing over to their in-house planners, Sasha & Penny, for their best advice.
Notes from The Savoy

Sasha & Penny say…

So before we begin, let’s put the kettle on and have some of our favourite Savoy White Peony Tea. We are ridiculously English in that we must start the day with a cuppa… in Wedgwood china, of course. So light your favourite candle and put on your slippers because we are super excited to talk all things weddings.

First thoughts

Congratulations! You are about to be become a bride/groom. Enjoy this time and indulge in everything wedding planning has to offer – the cake samples, the attention, free champagne and people obsessing over your ring!

We are sure you have heard this one before but please… don’t panic. Most couples plan 6 – 12 months in advance so you have plenty of time to make it perfect.

Getting organised

Whether you are a Mary Poppins or struggle to get out of bed, now is the time to get organised. Get your spreadsheet at the ready and a sparkly new pen because it’s time to get married. YAY!

Arm yourself with a checklist such as the one in The Annual and treat yourself to a Wedding Planner – you will thank us for this later.

Start stalking Instagram. With the world’s most incredible suppliers at your fingertips, Instagram needs to become your new Telegraph. You will soon be addicted and begin to compile your favourites who can sit alongside your shiny new Pinterest board…. Yes you also need to download Pinterest!


  • The research: Spend time understanding what you both want. It is so important to know approximately how many guests you want to invite, location and a budget you are both comfortable with. Without this crucial information you will not be effective in your hunt for the perfect venue.
  • Venue: Enquire with a range of venues, book viewings and meet the teams. It’s very important to be able to envisage your day there and feel at home.
  • Service: This is as important as your venue, if you need to marry on the day of the wedding it is imperative that you check the availability of your chosen service to avoid disappointment. Once the above two elements are on hold, you can relax!
  • Ask questions: Behind the dreamy romance of that perfect wedding, you also need to ensure you are armed with all the facts. Don’t be shy… this is one of the biggest investments of your lives and all wedding professionals love answering them.
  • Save the date: Once you have a date in the diary, make sure that your nearest and dearest aren’t on holiday before signing that all important contract.

OK, now you have completed the above… let the fun begin! Go and try on the most lavish dresses or suits and find your Cinderella shoes. You are only walking down that aisle once so make it count.

Whether you are dreaming of being a Savoy couple or have simply popped by for a nosey, we are super excited and wish you the most magical wedding!

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