What Your Guests Really Think About Gift Lists

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Having a gift list is a no-brainer. It’s basically a once-in-a-lifetime wish list that someone else pays for. But the big question is, what on earth do you add to your list?

With so much choice it can be a little confusing to know where to start. You want to make sure you have everything you’ve ever wanted to create memories as newlyweds, but you also want to make sure your guests are happy buying the gifts you’ve chosen.

As the UK’s biggest independent gift list, we did the tough job and asked guests what they think about wedding gifts – so there’s no mind-reading involved! Over 1,000 guests who’ve bought a wedding gift this year told us what they think…

The good news is that guests really do want to give a gift to celebrate your marriage, and the majority will spend between £50 and £100 on the gift, while 10% will spend over £100. So you could receive an average of £3,000 worth of gifts – result!

The not-so-good news? Guests are less keen on giving cash than you might think. 59% of guests prefer to give physical gifts while only 8% prefer to give cash. The reasoning is pretty obvious, 49% say it’s the traditional thing to do, while 42% like the idea that the gift will last a long time.

One guest said, “I still have gifts from my wedding 37 years ago and I remember who gave them. It’s nice to have the memory of this day” while another said, “I just think it’s nicer for them to receive something that they’ve asked for which they can unwrap together.”

Attitudes are more relaxed when it comes to contributions towards something specific, such as your honeymoon or a major purchase, as long as guests understand what they’re contributing towards. “I think it’s fine to feel like you are contributing to something they really want or an experience on their honeymoon. Memorable moments are really important.”

The biggest comment was that cash is seen as impersonal and a bit meaningless when you’re not sure what it’s being spent on, with some guests assuming it may just go on your weekly shop!

One of the guests from the survey mentioned, “If they want money it’s nice to be able to think you are paying towards something like a candlelit dinner on the beach on their honeymoon.” Gift Vouchers remain popular with 38% stating them as their preferred choice of gift.

When it comes to the type of gift that guests prefer to buy, it often comes down to wanting you to remember them and their gift for years to come. The traditional staples of glassware and tableware remain at the top of the list with 57% and 53% of guests saying this was their preferred gift while keepsakes such as photo frames, home decor items, lighting and wall art all popular with around 50% approval ratings.

One of the guests we surveyed commented, “Very often, you want to reflect you own character or relationship to the couple through the present. For example, we purchased board games they had chosen as they know that we love to play them and it is something that we can all do together.”

So what to do?

First of all have a gift list! Make it easy for your guests and get what you really want. With Prezola, creating a gift list is quick, free and easy, with free delivery for you and your guests. There’s over 50,000 items to choose from by 500 top brands including KitchenAid, Le Creuset, Sonos, The White Company, Soho Home, Wedgwood and Jamie Oliver.

You can also mix cash with gifts, all on one list, to please everyone. Those who prefer to buy you a physical gift are able to, while others can browse honeymoon fund and cash contributions. The key is to make it personal. Add comments to each gift explaining to your guests why it’s on your wish list. Guests simply want to help make memories and contribute towards your newlywed life together.

Find out more about creating a gift list with the UK’s favourite wedding gift list.

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