Top Tips for Getting Your Groom Involved

Written by Emma Hla
Feature Image by Claire Lau Photography.

Today we have a Guest Post from one of our wonderful venues, the majestic Froyle Park in Hampshire. It’s a very dreamy location, but today’s focus is on the Groom! The team have shared their top tips on how to get your husband-to-be involved in planning your big day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but the venue decision is certainly a joint task, but my boy also wanted his say in the cake and the evening entertainment. My (now) husband is also a spreadsheet whizz and took firm control of the finances, logistics and supplier plotting. I honestly couldn’t have done it all without him. But, if your beau needs a little nudge or maybe he’s desperate to help but doesn’t quite know where to start, then read on…

Notes from Froyle Park

Froyle Park:

There’s an old stereotype that’s often bandied around, about a groom and his lack of involvement in the wedding planning process. This cliché says that as long as he shows up on the day in a nice suit, he doesn’t have to do much else.

However, we think that’s an outdated way of wedding planning. We know from experience that plenty of grooms want to be involved in the preparations of their wedding, and are just as excited as the Bride is! So, here’s how we think the man of the hour can help out…


Some Brides go to Wedding Fairs with their Bridesmaids or their Mums, but we think that this is something that could (and maybe should!) be done as a couple. His input is just as valuable as yours, and he might even spot things that you’d have never noticed. Wine tastings and menu choices can be made together too, which conveniently double up as a great date!


Nowadays, it’s very popular for couples to write their own wedding vows, rather than use the traditional religious ones. Discuss this idea with your partner, and see if it’s something they’d like to do. Perhaps he could do some research on any readings you’d like at the ceremony, too.

Guest lists

If you’ve handled the invitations, then perhaps decide between you that it’ll be his job to handle the RSVP list. This might involve setting up a spreadsheet in order for him to keep track of who’s attending, and of any dietary requirements guests might have. Once this is compiled, you can tackle the seating plan as a team.


Is your partner a photography expert? Or maybe he’s great at design? If so, then ask him to think of a creative way you can announce your engagement, or even consider him designing the wedding invitations. It’ll save you a pretty penny, and it’s a nice way for him to be involved.

Good tips right…?

So how will your Groom be assisting you in the planning…?

If you and your partner are currently on the hunt for that perfect wedding venue, then why not skip across to the Venue Finder and discover the magnificent Froyle Park.

Lots of love…

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