Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips from The Wood Norton

Written by Emma Hla

It is no secret that planning a wedding can be a stressful time, particularly when you have high expectations for everything to be perfect! That’s why we put great importance on sharing lots of wonderful wedding advice & tips on these blog pages.

So, for the Brides amongst us that require a little helping hand, check out these top five tips by The Wood Norton’s Wedding Manager, Sandie Griffiths, who boasts years of experience working with couples to create the wedding day of their dreams…

Notes from The Wood Norton


Tip # 1

Source a free planning guide…

There are so many free planning resources available online which provide you with a month by month break down of what you should have organised by which time – including several listed on The Wood Norton’s dedicated Pinterest board. However, it is important to bear in mind that these are only a guide so if you haven’t arranged your photographer 12 months in advance it doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance of booking a great one!

Tip # 2

Over compensate on cost…

If you asked 10 couples what the most stressful part of planning a wedding is, at least 7 of them would probably say the cost! When planning your wedding make sure you take the time to plan your budget too, ensuring you overestimate so you don’t fall short… You never know, you may end up with enough left over to book an incredible honeymoon!

Tip # 3

Make your venue feel like home…

Getting to know your venue is one of the most integral things you can do in the build up to your big day. Aside from forming a relationship with, and building trust in, the venue’s team – visiting for dinners, drinks and even an overnight stay will help you feel so much more relaxed and at home when your special date finally comes around!

Tip # 4

Remember the day is about you…

You won’t be able to please everyone and ultimately you shouldn’t! Your wedding day is the one day that should be about you and your partner – a celebration of your journey so far and the start of a whole new chapter! So make it count and do it precisely how you and your partner want to do it, ensuring you will have no regrets when you look back at your special day on each and every wedding anniversary.

Tip # 5


Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, particularly as there are so many decisions to make and so many options to choose from. To remain grounded and ensure you enjoy every moment go with your gut and prioritise the parts that are most important to you!

Remember, planning your wedding should be an experience you enjoy day by day, not one you become stressed or concerned about. Be a team and do it together… it will be much more fun and you will become closer in the process.

For more details about weddings at The Wood Norton please email Sandie at or call the office directly on 01386 765611.

For more planning features just click here and if you’d like to see inside The Wood Norton then take a little look at this Home Tour all about the time I was a guest at this wonderful Country House Wedding Venue!

Lots of love…

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