Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Day Fragrance

Written by Emma Hla
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I have a signature scent, I’ve worn it since I was 18. It’s actually a man’s fragrance and I love it.

I can’t quite remember how or why I started wearing this particular brand (probably something to do with the boy I fancied at the time *ahem*) but it has become entwined with me and my identity. However, on my wedding day I wanted something different, something fresh and something that would instantly transport me back to that day the moment I breathed in it’s sweet tones.

So I turned to the lady herself, Coco Chanel and opted for Chance Eau Fraîche. I now love spritzing myself with this perfume and each time I do, it feels like a luxurious treat and I instantly feel those wedding day butterflies in my tummy.

I really enjoyed “shopping” for my wedding day fragrance, so I wonder… How important is fragrance to you…?

If you fancy delving into this subject a little more, we have Sapphire Pink back on the blog with their top tips on picking your big day fragrance…

Notes from Sapphire Pink


Left: Image by Meet The Burks via Style Me Pretty. Right: Image by We Heart Pictures via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

  • Make sure you get to know the various families of fragrances, the most common being floral, woody, chypre, oriental and fresh. Certain families will stimulate your olfactory receptors in a pleasant way. Once you know which one works for you explore the various fragrance houses and what they have to offer within your preferred family.
  • Remember, when sampling fragrances, various factors may change the way a fragrance smells on you, for example your body temperature, diet and the weather.
  • Fragrances have different olfactive structures, such as a diamond or a pyramid. The former is more complicated in its composition and its smell will vary dramatically on each individual’s skin. An example of a fragrance with diamond olfactive structure is Chanel’s Allure, a classic bridal scent. A fragrance with a pyramid olfactive structure, such as Guerlain’s Shalimar, has three layers or ‘notes’. The top notes are those that you smell as soon as the fragrance is sprayed. The middle notes or ‘bouquet’ will start to become apparent after the alcohol has evaporated and the fragrance has settled. Finally the fragrance’s base notes are those that will linger and will be apparent after about half an hour of sitting in your skin. Never buy a fragrance before smelling the base notes on your own skin.


Left: Image by Paula O’Hara via One Fab Day. Right: Image by Jessica Burke via Style Me Pretty.

  • When you are fragrance shopping, ask the counter if they have coffee beans for you to smell in between each fragrance. The beans will help to neutralise your olfactory system and won’t leave you unable to distinguish between various scents, which can happen if you overload it with too many smells.
  • When you spray a fragrance onto your skin remember to allow it to dry naturally. Don’t rub your wrists together or dab it onto your neck as this can distort the fragrance.
  • Eau de colognes are the lightest of all fragrances and generally contain 3% – 5% alcohol concentration and water. Eau de toilette is still quite light containing up to 15% alcohol. Eau de parfum is around 15% – 18% alcohol and the strongest and longest lasting is parfum with up to 30% alcohol. The higher the percentage the longer it will last and the truer it’s form.
  • To make your fragrance last ensure that you are spraying onto moisturised skin. Another tip is to layer your fragrance. Using the shower gel, body cream, Eau de parfum and hair mist from the same range will add depth and longevity to your scent.
  • Remember that a signature fragrance is a calling card to everyone you meet and a comfort to everyone you love.


Left: Image by Kings + Queens via The Frosted Petticoat. Right: Image by Andria Lindquist via Ruffled.

Fabulous tips I say!

I also know that a few of the Coco Wedding Venues view fragrance as an important part of your day, so much so that they have signature scented candles and fragrances for you to choose from too.

If you want some help with your big day look then hop across to Sapphire Pink, where the lovely ladies can actually offer personal fragrance consultations with specialists!

Such sweet details.

Lots of love…

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