Most Curious & Top Tips On Attending Wedding Fairs

Written by Emma Hla

I couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of FOMO (fear of missing out!) when I heard the press event for A Most Curious Wedding Fair would be happening whilst I was jet-setting half-way round the world. I just knew this was one bridal event that would be right up my wedding-street.

But alas, in stepped my trusty side-kick and all round wedding planning Queen – Katrina Otter, and with a brief in-hand to report back on all of the fabulousness, Kat set-off to North London to see what this wedding show was all about…

So in true Coco & Kat fashion, we’ve given you a taste of Most Curious whilst offering up some Top Tips on how to get the most out of attending wedding fairs!

Sound good…?

Notes from Katrina


Images by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.


A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the press preview of Most Curious, the wedding show for the style savvy couple. This, in all honesty, was the first time I’d had the opportunity to attend the Most Curious Wedding Fair. And boy have I been missing out!

The moment I walked into the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane I knew that this wedding fair would become a permanent fixture in my diary… In a nutshell it’s unique, creative, trend setting, fashion forward and inspirational – touted as the coolest wedding fair around I would certainly have to agree with this statement!

With a plethora of talented, fresh and forward thinking wedding exhibitors, this show provides the style savvy couple the opportunity to find everything from unique floral displays to cult London based womenswear, dynamic and talented photographers to eclectic accessories.

The Most Curious Wedding Fair really does have it all.


Images by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

For me, my personal highlights had to be the uniquely stunning / works-of-art from Andri Freeman Cakes and Lemon Tree Cakes, the #selfiewall by Lamplighter London, the bespoke designs and crafts from Things by Laura and Comeuppance and having the opportunity to finally see the innovative faux blooms by the fabulous Anna of Friend of Faux fame (one of my wedding trend predictions for 2015).

Both personally and professionally, attending A Most Curious Wedding Fair was the right decision for me – that’s because I’d done my research, worked out who I’d wanted to see and had gone prepared!

With this in mind, I thought today’s post would be the ideal opportunity to share my top tips on attending wedding fairs. After all, with so many wedding fairs and open days now taking place in the UK it’s important to make sure you are attending the wedding fair(s) that are right for you, that you enjoy yourself and that you get the most from the experience.

Shall we begin…?

A Guide to Attending Wedding Fairs


Image by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Step # 1

Do your research!

How do you work out which wedding fairs and venue open days are right for you and are therefore worth attending?

Well firstly, you need to know what’s going on and where! The Coco Wedding Venues’ Event Diary is a fantastic place to start; alternatively look online, in wedding magazines or start following wedding venues and suppliers on social media.

Once you know what’s going on and where, look to see who’s exhibiting, whether there are any practical classes, demos and / or catwalks and whether there is a champagne bar (obviously essential!).

It is also worth reading any previous write-ups or reviews.


Images by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Step # 2

Narrow down your options…

Now you know what’s going on and where, it’s time to choose the wedding fairs that are right for you!

In order to narrow down your list of options think about the following;

  • Where are you getting married…?
  • What time of year…?
  • Your wedding style…?
  • What suppliers / inspiration are you looking for…?

Armed with all of this information you then need to ask yourself the following question – What can the wedding fair / open day offer you that makes it essential to attend…?

Hopefully, if you take steps #1 & #2 into consideration you will now have a list of wedding fairs / open days to attend.

So what next…?


Image by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Step # 3

Buy a ticket…

For larger national wedding fairs buy your tickets beforehand. The last thing you (and your wedding party) want to do is queue to get into a wedding fair (especially if you have to stand outside in the rain, cold and even snow!).

You may also have to pay more for tickets on the door.

Step # 4


At some of the larger wedding fairs it’s difficult to get around all of the stands.

Before you attend try to get a floor plan or list of exhibitors and prioritise who you want to see and take note of where they are situated within the wedding fair.

The same also applies to any seminars or masterclasses that may be taking place. You don’t have the time to attend them all, so work out beforehand which ones are most relevant to you and ensure that you are there at least 15 minutes before they start to guarantee that you and your wedding party get a seat.


Image by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Step # 5

Make a plan…

Decide on a manageable and realistic number of aims and then set out to achieve them i.e. find a photographer and decide on a style of wedding cake.

That way you will come out of the wedding fair feeling a greater sense of achievement and are less likely to become distracted, overwhelmed or run out of time!

Step # 6

Think about who will be joining you…

If possible, try to limit the number of people you take with you. If you take too many people you will spend most of the wedding fair worrying about how they are finding the experience rather than concentrating on what you went there for.

Too many people and too many opinions may also end up confusing you and blurring your ideas of what you actually want. Once you’ve decided who you would like to join you don’t then force them to go, after all you want to spend the day surrounded by people who are just as excited as you are!


Images by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Step # 7

Plan what to wear / take with you…

Remember to take the following items with you (especially if you are attending a national wedding fair):

  • Flat shoes!
  • Blister plasters (for anyone that forgets to wear flats!)
  • Suitable clothing and a pair of heels if you are trying on any dresses
  • Swatches of your colour scheme and fabrics
  • Refreshments (a wedding fair headache is a common occurrence)
  • A bag (to carry all of the leaflets, samples etc. you will be picking up)
  • Cash and a credit / debit card
  • Your calendar (if you need to you can schedule appointments there and then)


Image by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Step # 8

Have a glass of Bubbles!

You’ve bought you’re ticket, made a plan, prioritised and you’re rocking the flat boots. Now it’s time to visit your chosen wedding fair / open day!

If the show is big enough to have a bar then towards the end of your visit make sure you take time out to have a glass of bubbles! This is the point at which you can sit back, reflect on the day, decide if you need to see anyone else / go back and see an exhibitor for a second time AND get excited about your Big Day.

After all, a wedding fair isn’t a wedding fair without a token glass of bubbles!

If you need any further advice about wedding fairs, including which ones to attend, then please do get in touch


Images by Ikonworks Photography via The Wedding Bazaar.

Thank you so much to both Becky from Most Curious for inviting us to the Press Event {you can read all about Most Curious wedding fairs here} and of course our planning expert Katrina for her fab top tips!

Also a BIG thank you to Ikonworks Photography and The Wedding Bazaar for these gorgeous images of Most Curious!

If you fancy putting these into practice then take a peek at our Event Diary for the latest fairs and open days!

Lots of love…

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