Coco’s Wedding Venues Search Tips

Written by Emma Hla
Feature Image by Debs Ivelja.

So you’re engaged… Congratulations lovelies!

Know what you’re doing? No? Ummm… I didn’t either.

Once the festivities of the initial engagement news have fizzled, the next big question on everyone’s lips will be when and where will the big day take place? Yep folks it’s time to get to the nitty gritty of actually planning your wedding.

This is a big thing. Huge.

In fact for most people it will be the biggest project they take on… For those who aren’t a Project Manager / Stylist / Florist / Accountant (you get the picture) the whole process can be a little daunting. Now I do have some experience in managing events and managing people. In a previous life it was kind of my job. But when it came to planning my own day, I too felt a little lost sometimes. So I’d like to help… With one area at least. For many, this will be the first and most important step – The Wedding Venue search.

The venues in the Coco Collection have all been chosen for their style, luxury and expertise when it comes to hosting beautiful weddings – so you are in very safe hands with these friendly folks!

However, each Wedding Venue is individual and of course, very special, so to help you get the most from your Wedding Venues search and to ensure you can paint the W-Day of your dreams upon your chosen Wedding Venue, I have put together a list of questions and tips…

I thought I would share some of these tit-bits with you today…

Let’s get started shall we?

The Basics

  • Is the venue licensed for Civil Ceremonies?
  • Can the venue hold the Ceremony and Reception?
  • What local authority does the venue come under?
  • What is the venue capacity for both the ceremony and dinner?
  • Does the venue have a specific suppliers list they would prefer you to work with?
  • What is included in the hire price? (Hint: Catering, Coordinator, Accommodation etc)
  • If the venue has its own caterers does the price include a tasting?
  • How flexible is the catering to suit your wedding style? (Meze boards, sharing platters, hog roasts, BBQs, formal dining, street food?)
  • Will your wedding be the only wedding at the venue on the day? If not, how many weddings do they hold in one day?
  • Can you hire the venue exclusively?


  • Will there be a turnover time of rooms and where will your guests go during this time?
  • Will you be able to hold a walk-through on the day prior to your wedding day?
  • Is there ample parking for your guests?
  • What is the local transport like?
  • Do they have an approved taxi list?
  • What is the closest city/town/village? (If you find yourself hiring a field!)
  • Are there any local events happening on the date of your wedding?
  • Can the venue give you an example of a wedding day timeline?
  • What information does the venue need from your suppliers who will be working on site? (Public Liability/PAT testing etc)
  • When can you come back for a second visit?


  • Is there accommodation for guests? If so what is the capacity?
  • Will the venue offer any discount on hotel rooms taken by your guests?
  • If the venue does not have accommodation then where does the venue recommend locally?

Planning the Details

  • Do they have an in-house wedding coordinator?
  • Are they happy for you to use an external wedding planner/stylist?
  • Does the venue allow confetti to be thrown?
  • Are lit candles allowed in the venue?
  • Does the venue have a noise limiter fitted or can you turn the music all the way up?
  • Can you have a professional firework display at your venue?
  • Are you allowed sparklers (handheld) at your wedding?
  • Does the venue have landing permission (should you want to be fancy and have a helicopter whisk you away!)

Indoor / Outdoor

  • What are the weather contingencies at your venue?
  • Is there an option to get married outside?
  • Marquees – do they have a recommended supplier or can you hire your own?
  • If your venue has gardens what will be in flower at the time of year for your wedding? Ask to see photos so you can visualize, especially if you are visiting out of season.

T & C’s

Check the fine print – even try to take a copy of the venues T&C’s away with you on the first visit so you can consider the venue with your heart and your head. Venues Costs – ensure you both understand the costs for the venue before signing on the pretty dotted line.

Get Organised

Create a spreadsheet of venues to visit – I think 4 in one day is the max as it can become overwhelming. Be careful not to take an entourage on the venue visits – remember this day is about two people. However, feel free to talk to people – it’s a great way of sorting through your own thoughts about each delicious venue you’ve seen!

So there you have it – my wedding venue search tips.

You can find the search questions above and some rather helpful hints listed on the Search Tips page on Coco Wedding Venues – it’s an easy-to-print version so you can take it on your travels!

But first… You probably need to find some gorgeous places to visit, so why not hop over to the Coco pages to start that search. Or, maybe you want to know a bit more about how the Coco Wedding Venue Finder works.? Then let me take you on a guided tour.

Has this got you thinking about what to ask your Wedding Venue? Do you have any of your own search tips to share?

If you are embarking on your first venue visit soon, then enjoy these precious moments folks… and have fun on your super romantic road trip!

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