Changing Wedding Seasons Due to Coronavirus + Looking to 2021

Written by Emma Hla
Postponing your wedding due to Covid-19 has meant many couples also having to change seasons as well as years. To say this is an overwhelming task is in understatement.

Many decisions will have been made specifically around your wedding date, season and year, including timings around the light hours, the kind of food you want to eat at that time of year, the styling, colours and flowers, the list goes on.

You might be thinking “I can’t do this all again!” so we’ve got Elmore Court and friends onboard to help with some easy changes you can make when planning to postpone.

Changing seasons

Simple changes to colours & styling

Changing seasons could make you feel you need to change all your wedding colours, but rather than scrapping your entire palette pick your favourite base colours and then work in other tones which compliment the season, or switch pastel hues for richer and moodier tones for the winter months.

You could keep all your colours exactly as they are and work in textures which give the feeling of warmth and depth, such as swapping linen for velvet.

Textiles are such a simple way to make a big impact. By choosing coloured and/or textured table cloths and napkins you have instantly made a huge change to the whole feel of a room with minimal effort.

My favourite flowers are out of season!

If the wedding flowers you loved are no longer in season in the month of your new wedding date this can feel like a real blow, but before you decide to order flowers from afar, stop and think about sustainable options which are closer to home, this is a chance to get creative and do something beautifully unusual…

Using seasonal fruit, vegetables, wheat and herbs alongside your flowers or greenery and table décor adds colour, shape, fun and is a real conversation starter.

Citrus fruits, figs, berries, plums, rosemary, branches, pine cones, cabbages and kale are just the start of something magical when you start thinking out of the box and looking to mother nature for inspiration.

Go for a long walk and forage for twisted twigs, bracken, branches, acorns and other woodland wonders.

Or use the extra planning time you have now to start growing your own herbs together. Potted herbs scattered along the length of tables look and smell divine and double as a really thoughtful wedding favour which guests will want to take home and use.

Outdoor weddings in winter?

If you were planning a full on festival wedding or an outdoor ceremony and you’re now looking at getting married in the winter months it might feel like the end of your entire wedding plan, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Elmore Court have had some fabulous festival weddings in the colder months, it’s all about bringing all the fun and freedom and beautiful boho styling but moving some of it indoors…

You can still enjoy the fire pit in the winter, just add blankets and/or a coat rail for guests (you could even ask them to bring their own most outrageous winter coats and hang them up), some hot toddies or hot chocolate, marshmallows and sparklers.

If you wanted outdoor games why not look at outdoor canopies with fires or tents with cushions?

And we promise moving alfresco entertainment indoors does not make it any less electric. Seeing a brass band appear following bride and groom down the aisle or a band set up in the middle of the hall has all the fun and atmosphere of a festival wedding outside.

Wedding outfits

You don’t need to change your wedding dress or wedding outfit, but you can add accessories such as jackets, shawls or sequins to keep the chill off, or choose a headdress, scarf or hat which compliments the season.

Bridal capes are becoming ever more popular in all materials from tulle to velvet, and we’ve also heard that many bridal designers are being really helpful in making alterations like adding sleeves so don’t be afraid to talk to your dressmaker.

Lighting & photos

The number of light hours in a day makes a big difference to wedding photos and impacts on the timings of the rest of your day so be sure to have a think and a chat with your photographer about your priorities.

If a sunset photoshoot is really important to you then your ceremony timing might have to change slightly, or the time you sit down to dinner, so be sure to talk to your photographer and to your venue or wedding co-ordinator about what photos you really want.

Now is also the time to consider fun props and photo booths if you had your heart set on candid or funny groups shots outside. Bringing them inside and adding a backdrop, dressing up box, Photo Booth or even a really simple prop makes all the difference to group photos.

Or keep your group shots outdoors and add a rail of charity shop fur coats, wellies, umbrellas or smoke bombs for added colour and vibe.

We are lucky enough at Elmore to have the stunning twinkling lights of the gillyflower for gorgeous atmosphere all year round, but even in this space we firmly believe you can never have enough candles and fairy lights!

Twinkly lights are such an easy, cheap and beautiful way to add atmosphere and change the vibe completely.

Food & drink

You can usually keep the same food you’ve chosen whatever time of year as food is mostly available all year round, however if you would like to choose locally sourced seasonal options then chat to your caterer or venue and ask them what would be most similar to your current choice and compliment the season the best.

Or simply swap out your side dishes and vegetables for seasonal options.

You can make some really nice changes to drinks by swapping summer Pimms for the winter version or adding slow gin to the champagne welcome drinks, or swapping with hot spiced cider or mulled wine.

Looking to 2021

Wedding postponed for a year?

A postponed wedding for some couples may not mean a change in season, but rather that it has been pushed back a year. As certain styles/trends change from year to year you might be wondering how to tackle this, here’s some advice from a couple of our fab florists and stylist on what they see for 2021 weddings, and some useful advice for you now;

Amber Persia

A riot of colour

This year, and leading into 2021, colour is making a reappearance in a big way, and if we’re honest we couldn’t be more delighted! Whether that’s soft and romantic water colour hues, or a more strident look with a riot of clashing colours, we’re seeing it all.

Ivory & Greenery

In juxtaposition we’re also noticing a return of classic ivory accompanied by masses of greenery. It’s a timeless combination, one we never tire off, but timeless certainly doesn’t mean not of its time, pair it with a loose and garden-inspired look, lush textures, masses of fragrant herbs, and interesting tumbling foliage such as jasmine, wild rose and clematis and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for wildly romantic florals.

Wedding Details

There’s definitely a focus on wedding table looks with masses of interest, and that interest can be quite eclectic. So beyond the flowers and candles think seasonal fruit, berries, indeed even vegetables, tumbling along tables, adding that finishing detail to place settings, cascading from arrangements, capturing that spirit of abundance and generosity which is also a key element for the foreseeable future.

Jenny Fleur


Thankfully people are becoming much more environmentally aware in their lives and this can and should extend to your wedding plans as well. When it comes to flowers ask your florist about seasonal, British or locally grown flowers or at least for imported flowers which are in their natural season. Here at Jenny Fleur I am expanding my cutting patch this season, regularly use local growers as well as some imported blooms. Not only are seasonal flowers more sustainable they will always be at their best when used in season and capture the feel of that time of year. Think colourful tulips reminding you of sunny spring, blowsy garden roses on hazy summer days or the coppery brown Autumnal leaves; using flowers and foliages which are in their natural season will help bring the outside in and give a relaxed, natural and harmonious look to your flowers. Choose suppliers who are proactive about being more sustainable.

For example I compost all natural materials, recycle everything possible and reuse containers, I also try and avoid the use of floral foam which is harmful to the environment.


Take inspiration from trends but don’t be a slave to them! By this I mean think about what will work for you wedding and the look you want to achieve. For example the current trend of dried flowers and pampas grass is absolutely everywhere on social media and it can look amazing when used well. Again this links back to seasonality, Pampas looks great with late summer, Autumnal florals because that is it’s natural season; yes it can be dried so technically you can use it year round but it just doesn’t work so well in an arrangement of spring flowers like narcissi or cherry blossom.

Using lots of foliage is still super popular for weddings this year and into 2021 and I don’t see this going away, from lush garlands of fragrant eucalyptus foliage (Top tip – if you’re in love with eucalyptus then don’t set your date for May – July when it goes out of season!) to installations ‘growing’ up walls and pillars. I’m also using more plants in my designs for both flowers and styling, which are great to keep as mementos of your wedding and plant in your own garden or gift to family. They also tick that sustainable box!  In terms of colours the ever popular whites and greens is still featuring heavily this year, especially in the summer however people are being bolder with their colour choices which I love! Not always a bright rainbow but going for colour palettes which have some paler pastels but then pops of stronger, deeper colours for real wow factor.

Planning your flowers

The options for flowers can be mind blowing, especially if you’ve been down a floral rabbit hole on Pinterest! The key is to prioritise your flowers, firstly bouquets and buttonholes and then some key designs for the ceremony and your table flowers. Most people don’t have a budget to have flowers absolutely everywhere, and in fact you don’t need to – for a start Elmore is a stunning venue in it own right! You’re far better to go for fewer larger statement arrangements with real wow factor than lots of little bits here and there. A big urn at the front of the ceremony hall will provide a stunning focal point while you say your vows and can also be moved into the Gillyflower during the reception. Repurposing the flowers is a great way to maximise impact and budget and I’d always advise my couples to consider designs which can be multipurpose. Be realistic with your budget, do a bit of research and have a bit of flexibility on considering alternative options if your initial ideas are stretching the budget too much. And don’t assume lots of foliage equals cheap! Those lush eucalyptus garlands which are so popular soon add up if they are running down 100 feet of long tables!

Lauradana – Stylist and Planner

Despite it being a testing time for many I know lots of you have taken some time to sit down together and start planning and discussing your wedding. Like you, I’m also a bride-to-be and whilst I can’t be out styling beautiful weddings thoughts have turned to planning our own day. So during this planning stage I wanted to share some of my top tips to get the most out of your day from a styling perspective. From budget saving to being more environmentally friendly there is a lot to consider during the planning stages so hopefully the following tips can help!

  • Re-use statement pieces: Invest in a show stopping ceremony backdrop/arch which can then be re-used later as part of your table plan, behind your top table or for your photobooth backdrop.
  • Unplug your ceremony: It’s been said many times before, but it is worth reminding guests that you want their full attention for your ceremony. Your photographer will be able to work their magic without fighting for the picture.
  • Don’t be afraid of rain: It’s Britain after all and it does rain- no matter the season. Have a back up plan but don’t be upset if it rains. Some of the best pictures I’ve received have been from photographers getting creative on rainy days!
  • Look after your guests: If you’re getting married in winter provide a few blankets to keep guests warm. In summer perhaps have a hydration station with water, fans and for really hot days some sun cream!
  • Hire props or get a stylist: Don’t buy unnecessary props and items which will go to waste after your day (let’s face it you only end up selling it on for next to nothing or it sits in the garage for years on end). By hiring in a stylist and/or their props it will help not only your budget (& sanity!) but the environment too. In 6years I’ve not thrown a single item and I’ve saved over 100 weddings from buying items they’d otherwise not need!
  • Relax! In the build-up to your day panic may set in. Will your guests be entertained enough? Hungry? Thirsty? Relax and take Team E’s advice, it’s come from lots of experience and they have your day in safe hands!


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