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There are plenty of guides out there telling you how to find the ‘perfect’ wedding venue and what to ask said wedding venue when you plan your first visit… (ummm… you can find the definitive list of questions right here in case you were wondering!) But, what should you be telling the venue ahead of your big day…?

Communication with your venue is absolutely key to ensure a smooth wedding day for you and your guests, so here’s 10 things you should be telling your chosen wedding venue folks…

10 Things to tell your wedding venue

# 1

Guest numbers… The guest list is integral to the feel and indeed the flow of your day. So whether you want an intimate ceremony for family and close friends, followed by a full-blown party; or a lavish gathering of 200 for a full day of celebrations make sure your wedding venue is aware of your planned numbers for each part of your day.

# 2

Little people… If your guest list includes children, it’s always a good idea to inform your venue. They may have certain restrictions or indeed have information for you to pass on to your guests. Also, some weddings venues may be able to put you in touch with local Crèche Management companies and children’s entertainers!

# 3

Furry friends… You will find some Wedding Venues (those without livestock in surrounding fields!) are now welcoming the idea of Brides & Grooms incorporating their pets into the proceedings. However, rather than just rocking up with the pup in tow, it’s always a good idea to discuss the possibility of having your pets present on your wedding day and if they have pet-friendly rooms to accommodate your furry friends.

Speaking of pets, you might want to check out my lifestyle piece on B.LOVED!

# 4

Supplier details & logistics… Make sure you send your wedding venue a full list of the suppliers who will be setting up or delivering items on the day. Include their business name, contact details, what they will be supplying and the time they would like access. The venue can then get in touch to discuss logistics and any formal paperwork that may need completing by your chosen suppliers {including PAT testing certificates and liability insurance}

# 5

The Bridal Party… To take the pressure off you and your Groom, ask a few members of your bridal party to liaise with the venue and suppliers on the day. Ensure your venue has telephone numbers for the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids. Doing this will leave you and your boy to relax and enjoy the day!

# 6

Arrival times after the Ceremony… If you’re having your Ceremony at a nearby Church or Town Hall, then make sure that one of your tasks for the aforementioned bridal party is to call the venue when you’ve left your ceremony! A glass of chilled champers waiting for you on arrival will kick things off nicely…

# 7

Running order… At most venues the Wedding Coordinator and/or Caterers will make sure the day runs to plan and most importantly, runs to time! But always remember, the day is yours so if there are certain things you want to include or not include, then ensure your venue has a copy of your running order for the day!

# 8

Evening guests… If you are having evening guests join the party then inform the venue of how many guests are arriving and at what time. This way, the venue can ensure your guests are greeted and welcomed. This is especially important if your wedding breakfast is overrunning slightly! Guests who are well fed and watered won’t mind waiting for the Bride & Groom to make their grand entrance.

# 9

Guests with special requirements… Whether it’s guests with dietary requirements, elderly relatives wanting a ‘chill-out’ room, or disabled access needed; discuss these requests with your venue in advance so arrangements can be made.

# 10

The morning after the night before… You may not be the only one with a post-wedding hangover! Your venue may also be in need of some TLC the morning after the night before. If you have suppliers visiting the venue the day after the wedding to assist with clear down or to pick up supplies then inform the venue. Most venues will have a specific time that the venue must be ‘returned’ so make sure you have considered this in your running order and plans.

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