Alternative Wedding Dress Styles for Non-Traditional Brides

Written by Emma Hla
Grace Loves Lace, the renowned Australian bridal boutique, warmly welcomes those seeking alternative wedding dress styles.

With a showroom in the heart of London, they provide invaluable guidance for brides on their journey to discovering a unique and authentic wedding style. From selecting a dress that reflects their individuality to artfully accessorising their look, the team at Grace Loves Lace shares their advice on embracing alternative wedding fashion with grace and confidence.

Notes from Grace Loves Lace

Congratulations on deciding to break away from tradition and embrace your authentic self on your special day. For too long, wedding dresses have been confined to certain criteria, often neglecting the bride’s individual style and comfort. It’s time to prioritise your uniqueness and celebrate your body with a stunning and comfortable dress.

Let’s dive into the alternative wedding dress styles that will make you feel extraordinary on your special day.

Choosing a Dress That Speaks to Your Heart

Your wedding dress should reflect your personality, style, and the type of wedding you envision. Forget the pressure to conform to a certain look. Instead, focus on what truly resonates and makes you feel comfortable. With so many criteria to consider and limited options in the traditional market, it may seem challenging to find the perfect dress. There are countless alternatives that allow you to break away from the norm and embrace your unique style.

Make a Statement with a Short Dress

If you want to make a statement and showcase your individuality, why not consider a short wedding dress? Don’t miss the opportunity to infuse your wedding day with glamour and drama. A short dress can be just as stunning and impactful as its longer counterparts while giving you the freedom to move and dance easily.

Bridal Boutique:
Grace Loves Lace

Contemporary and Minimalist Bridal Attire

For those who prefer a contemporary and minimalist style, why not opt for a simple yet elegant dress that perfectly embodies your vision? You don’t have to break the bank for a stunning bridal look. Sometimes, less is more, and a minimalist dress that showcases your natural beauty is all you need to shine on your big day.

Embracing the Bohemian Vibe

You are not alone if ball gowns aren’t your cup of tea! Consider a boho wedding dress that exudes a relaxed and casual charm. With delicate lace and a carefree aesthetic, a bohemian-inspired gown will not only make you look breathtaking. Still, it will also ensure you can move freely and enjoy every moment, especially on the dance floor.

Embracing Vintage Styles

Are you seeking a unique and nostalgic touch? A vintage wedding dress might be the way to go. These timeless designs capture the elegance and charm of bygone eras, allowing you to express individuality on your special day. Vintage-inspired gowns draw inspiration from different periods, such as the glamorous flapper dresses of the 20s or the romantic tea-length dresses of the 50s. These styles feature intricate lace, exquisite beading, and flattering silhouettes that create an unforgettable bridal look.

If you have a bohemian spirit, the 70s offers a wealth of inspiration with flowing fabrics, bell sleeves, and floral embroidery. Embrace the carefree vibe of that era with a relaxed and ethereal gown that allows you to move freely. You could accessorise your attire with birdcage veils, vintage-inspired headpieces, or heirloom jewellery to complete your vintage look. Consider incorporating vintage elements into your hairstyle and makeup for a cohesive and authentic style.

ACCESSORISING for an Alternative Bridal Look

Regarding alternative bridal looks, adding accessories can be the answer you’re looking for.

  • Statement Jewellery: Opt for bold, eye-catching pieces that add personality and contrast to your wedding gown.
  • Headpieces and Hair Accessories: Explore unconventional options like flower crowns, boho headbands, or dramatic fascinators for a whimsical touch.
  • Colourful Shoes: Forget the predictable and boldly leap away from tradition with shoes that burst with vibrant or metallic hues.
  • Unique Veils and Capes: Consider unconventional veils in different colours or try lace capes for a dramatic and distinctive look.
  • Non-Traditional Bouquets: Choose alternative bouquets such as brooch arrangements, feather accents, or paper flower creations for a memorable twist.

Dare to be different. You have prioritised your style, comfort, and authenticity by choosing alternative wedding dress styles. Your wedding dress should speak to your heart and reflect your unique personality, allowing you to feel extraordinary on your special day.

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