Wedding Planning 101

Written by Emma Hla
Feature Image by Rebecca Goddard Photography.

Last week we waved a hearty hello to all of our newly-engaged readers in the first post of the year! It’s been amazing to hear from some of you in the last few days, all embarking on those first precious steps into planning your wedding.

When it comes to the venue search, we’ve got your back. Beautiful venues…? Check. Practical yet pretty venue finder…? Check. Wedding venue search tips…? Check.

But what about everything else…?

Let me introduce you to Katrina Otter, wedding planner extraordinaire, Queen of schedules and budgets and a regular contributor to these pretty pages. Kat has got lots of handy tips and important advice on taking your first steps into planning a wedding.

So sit back, take a breath, make a cuppa (or maybe pour yourself a tipple) and relax… We’ve got it all covered.

Notes from katrina otter


Image by Rebecca Goddard Photography, Coco and Katrina Otter.

Katrina: You’re engaged, you have that incredible bit of bling, you’ve celebrated with your family and friends and then the realisation sets in… It’s time to start planning your Big Day!

But what do you do next…? And where on earth do you start…?

It’s a little-known fact that before the excitement sets in, you need to get past the bewilderment stage! Some couples are so overwhelmed they freeze entirely, whilst others get so caught up in the excitement that they rush to book the first wedding suppliers they see. Neither route is advisable but don’t worry, if you’re still in the dark about how to kick-start your wedding planning journey then these five simple planning posts will help!

Scroll down for the full archives and make sure you pin the Coco Cheat Sheets for future planning quandaries…

wedding planning 101


Image by Brooke Schwab via Bleubird.

Click on the image above to be transported to the very first feature in the wedding planning series. Covering the basics such as considering the type of wedding you want, working out numbers, drawing up a budget and thinking about your venue requirements – this is the perfect place to start!

Click on the images below to explore other planning topics…

[one_half padding=”0 7px 0 7px”]coco-wedding-venues-a-guide-to-wedding-budgets-image-via-green-wedding-shoes-image-by-wild-whim-design-and-photography-social-media[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 7px 0 7px”]wedding-budget-staying-on-track-social-media[/one_half_last][one_half padding=”0 7px 0 7px”]wedding-day-timings-wedding-planning-coco-wedding-venues-barnaby-aldrick-social-media[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 7px 0 7px”]wedding-planning-tips-wedding-day-schedule-coco-wedding-venues-katrina-otter-weddings-and-events-horseshoe-photography-via-coco-wedding-venues-social-media-1[/one_half_last]

Top Row Left: Image by Wild Whim Design + Photography. Top Row Right: Samantha Ward Photography. Bottom Row Left: Image by Barnaby Aldrick via Coco Wedding Venues. Bottom Row Right: Rad + In Love via A Practical Wedding.

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We hope you find this starter pack useful!

But, if you need any further advice or assistance with planning then you can say hello to Katrina here. Or, if the venue is causing you a bit of a headache then take a peek at our Bespoke Venue Search service.


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