The White Company & Prezola Wedding Gift List

Written by Emma Hla
So this has been a bit of a dreamy feature for me, as it combines my two loves – weddings & interiors!

You may have spotted our Loved by Coco feature on Prezola, the UK’s award-winning leading independent wedding gift-list company. Well the lovely folks are back on the blog today because they have some rather exciting news. They’ve only gone and teamed up with one of my absolute faves, The White Company. Yep, that swoon-worthy-fresh-as-a-daisy British brand have launched The White Company Wedding Gift List in collaboration with Prezola.

A stunning edit of The White Company’s products from categories including bed and bath, home and dining and fragrance make up the perfect gift selection which can be ordered through a seamless shopping experience on Prezola’s simple-to-use website.

Gosh, just imagine if your wedding gift list could be made up of lots of little treasures from these two lovelies! Well guess what, I did just that… Playing Bride-to-be, I put together a short but sweet gift list of my own…

Coco’s Wedding Gift List

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# 1 The White Company Finley Collection Soft Grey Throw£140

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have spotted my obsession with Grey. Various hues feature heavily in my home! So this gorgeous grey throw would be the first item on my Wedding Gift List, I’d pair it with crisp white bedding for that fresh luxe feel.

# 2 The White Company Antibes Vase£35

You can never have enough vases… Fact. So I would certainly make sure this lovely was on my list. Filled with simple foliage it will add an instant chicness to your home. This piece can also be used as a hurricane lamp for a 3×3” pillar candle! Just pop a little sand in the bottom to secure the candle. Trés romantique!

# 3 The White Company Small Karlsson Alarm Clock£35

I am obsessed with this clock… I love the clean simplicity of this Scandinavian style, it also has a twin bell alarm and silent sweeping hands. I should just buy this and put an end to my obsession. Oh but hang on, it’s on my ‘Wedding Gift List’! Huzzah!

# 4 The White Company Seychelles Large Candle£50

Have this wonderful scent wafting through your home and you’ll feel like you’re on honeymoon every single day… Whether it’s a lovely reminder of your holiday destination, or you fancy bringing the honeymoon to you, this Seychelles Candle is a divine mix of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. Yum.

# 5 The White Company Super Soft Pique Bath Towels£22

Folks, when it comes to towels, you just can’t beat The White Company for a touch of luxury. We whip ours out when guests come over to stay. Oh and I love this waffle!

# 6 The White Company Stoneware Cake Stand£35

I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who has something freshly-baked, dusted with icing sugar on hand for those spontaneous coffee drop-ins with friends. With this cake stand, I would be one step closer to that dream I’m sure of it.

# 7 The White Company Ercol Devon Side Table£175

I’m in the market for new bedside tables… I’m not really, but having seen this beaut I absolutely will try to convince my husband otherwise. Crafted with solid birch legs and a smooth oak top, this Ercol table is a bit sexy.

# 8 Mungo & Maud Double Wood Dog Bowl£150 

I’m not completely selfish, so I have thought about others when creating this lust list, like Gatsby my puppy! This bowl will not only do the job of feeding said pup, but it will also look extremely stylish in the kitchen. Gatsby will appreciate this one I’m sure, he loves Mungo & Maud.

# 9 The White Company Champagne Stand£175

Because look, no wedding gift list is a true wedding gift list without a spot of luxury! Ummm, no one actually needs this do they…? But oh gosh I want it. A lot.

# 10 The White Company Underbed Storage Box£45

Now this is very handy, very handy indeed and you’re going to need this in your life, let me tell you why. Post-wedding you will have a lot of stuff. Stuff you will feel sentimental about and will not be able to throw away. At all. I’m taking about leftover programs, confetti, favours, engagement and wedding cards, possibly some of your accessories that you can’t exactly rock on a normal every-day basis –  yeah all of that. Put it in this box.

About Prezola

Image by Sarah Hannam Photography via BLOVED.

Launched in 2010 by Ali & Dom Beaven, Prezola is the ultimate wedding gift list provider offering over 1,000 White Company products available to add to your wedding gift list alongside a choice of 30,000 products from stylish cookware and electricals to personalised gifts and products from up-and-coming new British designers. There are 250 fine wine and champagnes, hampers, spa days, a monthly floral delivery, 100 different charities and, with the Premier Plus service, couples can have transaction-free honeymoon fund and cash contributions.

Couples get a fully personalised serviced with a team of Client Service Advisors with extensive interior design expertise on hand to provide inspiration and guidance throughout the selection process. 

To ensure a seamless shopping experience for guests, Prezola provides a one stop express checkout online. Guests can select gifts plus cash and charity contributions in one single transaction, including free delivery on all items. Guests can choose the Prezola gift-wrapping service to delivery beautifully packaged presents. Once complete, all gifts are delivered on a convenient date following the wedding!

So how easy does all that sound…?

Oh and what do you think of my Gift List…? Fancy buying me something…? Anything…?

If you would like to hear from the founders of Prezola, Ali & Dom, then take a peek at their Loved by Coco feature right here. If interiors is your thing too, then you can also take a rather spectacular tour of their home over on BLOVED!

Thank you so much to Prezola & The White Company

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