Modern Vintage

Written by Emma Hla

Oh gosh… Well I guess a little part of me was a Modern Vintage Bride.

I think I fell in love with this style initially because of the romantic connotations of a time gone by… Also the details are pretty epic.

I’m a details fiend.

For me the Modern Vintage wedding style tells a story of a bygone era – old influences with a modern twist, sweet eclectic details and big old fashioned romance…

Come on folks… Shall we?

the vibe

Are you a Daisy and Gatsby shimmering through the ’20s in a champagne haze? Or maybe you fancy yourself as more of a Hollywood starlet of the ’40s – all red lips, curves and big sexy curls? Or how about a nod to the ’60s with a flick of eyeliner, a gloved hand and a sassy half circle veil?

This wedding style is so versatile… However you need to be decisive about the era and overall theme for your day to ensure a consistent influence across all elements – from the fashion, to the stationary through to the entertainment.

Whichever decade you choose, one thing’s for sure… Modern Vintage is all about love, laughter and ultimately you and your beau.


Coco Wedding Venues - Modern Vintage - Wedding Style Category - The Vibe.Top Row Left: Image via Sarah Yates. Top Row Right: Image via Project Pretty. Second Row: Image via Chris Barber. Third Row Left: Image via The Danish Wedding Network. Third Row Right: Image via Stacy Able Photography. Bottom Row: Image via Lifeline Photography.


Boys… Forgive me for one moment, because I’m going hell for leather on the Bridal Fashion for this vintage wedding style!

There is something so beautiful about a Modern Vintage Bride – somehow and rather contradictorily timeless.

For me I’ve chosen to look at the gorgeous influences from the ’20s and ’30s for the collection of images below… Silk sheath dresses straight from Lady Mary Crawley’s closet, precious jewels handed down from Mother to Daughter, glistening bead and pearl accessories, soft embroidered lace and tulle – it’s all rather divine isn’t it.

Coco Wedding Venues - Modern Vintage - Wedding Style Category - Bridal Fashion.

Top Row Left: Image via Jannie Baltzer Collection. Top Row Right: Image via Emma Case. Second Row: Image via Hugh Forte. Third Row: Image via Pinterest. Fourth Row Left: Image via Jenny Packham. Fourth Row Right: Image via Lelia Scarfiotti.  Fifth Row: Image via Chris Barber. Bottom Row: Image via Marshal Grey.

Oh… and I love all of the above juxtaposed with a bold red lip – Amazing.


Veils are a thing of beauty and I touched upon my love affair with the veil in Bohemian Beats when I urged you all to go forth and embrace this delicate accessory!

Well I’m going to continue this persuasion with the help of some fine examples below.

You see once again this style gives you options…

Do you fancy a very-of-the-moment Juliet Cap? A simple but sultry birdcage? A festoon upon your beehive? Or maybe a beautiful Edwardian single layer of tulle?

Coco Wedding Venues - Modern Vintage - Wedding Style Category - Veils.

Top Row Left: Image via Batcakes Couture. Top Row Right: Image via Etsy. Second Row Left: Image via Belle in Wonderland. Second Row Right: Image via Laura Gordon.  Bottom Row Left: Image via Twigs & Honey. Bottom Row Right: Image via Sloan Photographers.

If I had to choose for myself I would have to go for the bottom right image – such a simple yet utterly beautiful statement. I also always wear my hair down so I love how the softness of the long hair works with this Juliet Cap.

Ummm… Is it acceptable to wear a veil at your desk?


Let’s take a minute to get saucy.

Yes… I’m talking Boudoir ladies… and gents.

Coco Wedding Venues - Modern Vintage - Wedding Style Category - Boudoir.

Top Row Left: Image via Archetype Studio. Top Row Right: Image via Emily Riggs Bridal. Second Row: Image via Lisa Devlin. Bottom Row Left: Image via Pinterest. Bottom Row Right: Image via La Perla

This isn’t a topic I’ve touched upon yet and I’m sure I’ll delve into it in much more detail one day… But I couldn’t let Modern Vintage skip by without hinting at what’s underneath those gorgeous gowns. 

A simple lace body? A nude stocking? A beautiful embroidered garter? Or how about full on ’60s femme fatale?

On your wedding day, and night, you want to feel your best, and yes, your sexiest. So I’m sure a little inspiration from the above Madames will get you thinking about your own evening attire….

Even if it is just to get into bed after the festivities with your newly acquired husband and eat cake. *ahem*.

Speaking of cake…

time for tea

The Wedding Breakfast – a formality as such, a tradition certainly, but a forgone conclusion – hell no!

Let’s not forget Modern Vintage is a wedding style of options so how about a good ol’ English tea party!

I do love the idea of having an afternoon tea instead of a more formal setting and whilst certainly a wise option for those penny-conscious couples, it actually all looks rather darn delicious and fun doesn’t it?

Coco Wedding Venues - Modern Vintage - Wedding Style Category - Tea Party.

Top Row Left: Image via Mikkel Paige. Top Row Right: Image via John Day. Second Row: Image via Anna Clarke. Third Row: Image via Anna Clarke. Fourth Row Left: Image via Rhys Parker. Fourth Row Right: Image via 1313 Photography. Fifth Row: Image via Anna Clarke. Sixth Row: Image via Anna Clarke.

Why not go a bit Mad Hatter and use teapots filled with blooms as your centrepieces? Or how about stacks of your favourite books with gilt frames for table numbers? Why not serve your cakes and sandwiches on mismatched floral plates and tie your cutlery together with frayed swatches of fabric?

To ensure a completely individual and personal wedding breakfast setting why not place photographs of your families’ weddings through the years on tables, source old suitcases you can use for your cards and gifts, or how about setting up an old typewriter for your guests to leave you notes of love… It is these sweet little details that make Modern Vintage such a unique style.

Oh… I also couldn’t leave this topic without mentioning this truly epic cake… Look at it.

I want to dive right in and smother myself in jam and cream.

Too much…?

Well I’m not even sorry.


Image via Angela Ward-Brown.

So are you a Modern Vintage Bride…?

Which is your era of choice…?

Have you found the perfect Modern Vintage wedding venue?

Come on over to the gorgeous Pinterest pages of Coco Wedding Venues if you fancy even more inspiration!

Until next time lovelies…

Lots of love…

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