Loved by Coco… Victoria Fergusson Bridal Accessories

Written by Emma Hla
Inspired by nature and classic Grecian style, the Goddess Collection (I know, the name alone right…?) by Victoria Fergusson is comprised of over 20 eye catching pieces, from heavily embellished headdresses to delicate earrings, the collection offers brides a range of elegant timeless accessories to be treasured (and worn) long after the big day itself!

Victoria’s skilful design and clever use of materials has created a number of different bridal looks within the collection – from the fabulous outfit transforming Aurora belt to showpieces such as the Hera headdress. Freshwater pearls and matt sequins have been masterfully used to create soft and pretty accessories – ideal for a relaxed Bohemian bride, whilst a number of striking architectural pieces – made with the finest Swarovski crystals in a myriad of shapes and patterns, make the perfect accessory for a bride seeking a show- stopping piece to finish off her look.

Each piece from the collection is handmade using the finest wirework and embroidery techniques. Combined with Victoria’s use of luxurious materials such as silk tulle, wool grosgrain ribbon, Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and matt pearl sequins, each piece is a true work of art, made with love by Victoria from her quaint workshop located in the heart of Wiltshire.

So, scroll down for some lustworthy-inspiration and top bridal accessory tips from the lady herself!

Notes from Victoria Fergusson Bridal Accessories

bridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Antheia headdress full £255. Aurora earrings £42. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Antheia headdress full £255. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Antheia headdress side £185. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Aurora earrings £42. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Aurora belt £195. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Diadem bracelet £175. Goddess earrings £75. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Diadem bracelet £175. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Diadem bracelet 1 £175. VFA


My story started when I was planning for my own wedding whilst studying Costume & Make-up for the Performing Arts, the two worlds became a little entwined and I realised my skills could be put to perfect use in the world of weddings.

So now I get to work with Brides – creating their make-up & hair look and designing bridal accessory collections; including headdresses, hair combs & pins, belts and jewellery. I absolutely love working with Brides on these smaller details of their day.

bridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Diadem hair tie £240. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Diadem hair tie 2 £240. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Diadem petite £195. Goddess earrings £75. Diadem bracelet £175. VFA

When creating your big day look…

  • Start looking for your accessories once you’ve chosen your dress, some hand crafted pieces require a little time to create, so don’t leave to the last minute if you can help it.
  • Experiment with different styles of design; side headdress, full headdresses, combs and pins, you will soon work out which you favour and suites you best.
  • Your hairstyle and accessories are closely linked, so consider this as you experiment too. I’m able to dress brides hair when they visit for accessory appointments and it makes the world of difference to see designs shown off like this.
  • I always tell my brides to wear a white top with an open neckline to try on accessories; it helps with visualizing the complete look.

bridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Goddess hairpins £60. each. Laurel earrings £35. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Goddess pins £70, Laurel earrings £35. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Hera belt £305. Hera bracelet £275. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Hera bracelet £275. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Hera headdress £345. Hera earrings £135. Hera belt £305. VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Laurel hairpins 2 £160. set of 3 VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Laurel headdress £200.00 VFAbridal-accessories-wedding-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-victoria-fergusson-bridal-accessories-Laurel headdress 2 £200. VFA

I can’t tell you how many of these pieces I’m coveting right now! I’m a blinking magpie.

With prices ranging from £35 for a pair of earrings, to £345 for a statement headpiece, each piece purchased from the Goddess Collection is made to order and presented in a luxury gift box, making the perfect wedding day accessory that will be treasured for years to come.

The collection is available to purchase online at and at select bridal stockists throughout the country, hop across to the website to find out more…

Lots of love…

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