Love Letters from Hayne House

Written by Emma Hla
When was the last time you wrote a letter or a personal thank you card? I know, the mind boggles. Why go to all that effort when a quick text or email will do right? But perhaps we’re missing the point.

Hayne House have created this beautiful editorial full of love (in no small part thanks to real life couple Laura & Josh) dedicated to the love letter – simple yet immense. Our own big day was filled with words, poems and letters written by great writers, quotes on each table from our favourite books, right down to us writing our vows together.

So personally, it’s a hell yes to reviving the love letter!

Notes from Hayne House

Sam says…

At Hayne House, we believe that you can never tell your partner how much you love them often enough and that the world needs more love letters, probably now more than ever.

So, when you are in love with a person or a moment, why not let your partner, maid of honour or your parents know how you feel by writing a love letter! And there is no better time to give one than on your wedding day.

This styled shoot gives a glimpse into the most intimate of correspondence – straight from the heart. The inspiration comes from combining the beautiful aesthetics of handwritten words, the soft fading colours derived from ageing private notes, memories and love letters, ‘stained’ with feelings and emotion, stored in bundles at the back of your top draw, that are handled carefully, each and every time the vintage silk ribbon is undone to read them.

The shoot sets out to inspire couples to dig out their old ink pen, or better still get an expert calligrapher to write them out on their behalf.

Why write love letters?

With Apps and emails, messages of love can get lost in someone’s ‘inbox’. At Hayne House, we continue to carry an attachment to love letters and regularly write love letters to our booked couples, albeit in digital format.

We understand that sitting down to write a real love letter, a letter from your heart might feel a bit old fashioned and even a little intimidating. But, we can assure you there is a certain quality, a romance that comes from putting pen to paper and placing the handwritten letter in an envelope to give to your nearest and dearest (your partner, maid of honour, or your parents), to read on your special day won’t get lost.

But when it comes to putting your words of love down, we understand you might feel a little uncertain about how to express your feelings of love or gratitude.

Ten recommendations when writing letters of love:

  • Don’t forget to include memories, trace your life together (so far), and consider storytelling from the moment perhaps from the moment you met, to the moment you find yourself in now
  • Add an intimate moment, that no one else knows about
  • Make sure you add details – like including a date when you met or when you knew they were the one for you
  • Include your desires and hopes
  • Include your promise to love them for ever
  • Consider including a picture that you hold dear to you – or describe what the person was wearing when…
  • Write your letter or letters by hand, to ensure they are treasured forever and possibly even by the next generation
  • When you’ve finished why not spray the inside of the envelope with your favourite perfume, or your wedding day perfume, aftershave, or a scent that takes you back to a moment, for example, that picnic in the park when…
  • If you are good at writing, don’t forget to add some funny touches especially if its to your maid of honour or best man
  • Ensure your letters are delivered by hand so that the ‘postie’ or your ‘pigeon’ can relay the moment they read your words

So, go on fall in love with letter writing again and instead of keeping your thoughts all bottled up inside, or sending a message on WhatsApp, grab a quiet moment, a pen, a piece of paper and put your thoughts down in writing. To assure you the special dialectic of love letters can be both profound, sincere and even intense, but we promise your letters of love and other gestures of romantic love will be cherished forever.

The team are sending you all their love through this beautiful styled shoot from Hayne House, Kent.


Venue Hayne House Kent Wedding Venue

Photography Jack Corthine Photo | Video

Stylist & Florist See Rose Floral Design

Film Hanh Made Films

Bridal Fashion Love in Lace Bridal

Bridal Tiara Lorna Green Bridal Accessories

Groom’s Attire W J Bennett

Hair & Makeup Keri, Off Duty

‘Getaway’ Car Kent Classic Wedding Cars

Stationery Heather Corthine Design

Cake A Piece of Cake Kent

Music Victoria Bass

Props/Furniture Hire Village Vintage

Celebrant Katie, True Blue Ceremonies

Food Scott Anderson Event Caterers

DJ and ‘Crazy About You’ Sign Harry Kilb Wedding Entertainment

Chair Dressing Bows Chair Covers

Starlight Light It Up UK

With thanks to real life couple Laura and Josh

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