Coastal Cool

Written by Emma Hla
Falling in love lead me to the sea…

My boy lived in Brighton and in a heartbeat I found myself moving my landlocked life to be with him in his beautiful coastal townhouse. Now, when I wake up and look out of our bedroom window I can see the sea. In the summer it glistens with cheeky revelry ready for the tourists to flock to it’s pebbled shores and in the stormy winter months it wakes me from my slumber with it’s low growl stretching across the cool night air.

It’s such a big part of who I am now that I don’t think I can imagine living anywhere else… I feel that if I were to venture inland I would be somehow lost.

So it is a pleasure to introduce the second of the Coco Style Categories… Coastal Cool.

This nautical wedding style is all about fresh sea air, stripes and seersucker, brass buttons on blazers, compasses and flags, candy floss and chips and windswept kisses…

But for todays inspiration post, instead of talking about the Kiss Me Quick style of a seaside wedding, I’m going to focus on the windswept kisses bit…

Here’s the reason why folks… It’s all because of a film.

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Windswept.

Top Row Left: Image via Erich McVey. Top Row Right: Image via David Long Photography. Bottom Row: Image via Helen Lisk Photography.

Let’s talk classic – The Ghost and Mrs Muir. Have you watched it…? Oh please tell me you have… It’s a beautiful 1947 black & white film starring the handsome devil Rex Harrison as the seafaring Captain Gregg and the hollywood starlet Gene Tierney as Lucy Muir. This is my romantic vision of the sea – all brooding drama and endless love. The musical score is haunting and I just tingle each time I see it… Promise me you’ll watch it lovelies.

So it is with this in mind that I created these mood boards showing my ideas for all things Coastal Cool … Let’s have a look shall we…?


There is a simplicity to the images below – cool blues and crisp whites set off by hints of brass, stripes and weather worn displays of driftwood and candles.

You can embrace the sea into many different elements of your day… How about compasses as favours? Hurricane Lanterns as centrepieces? Your rings kept as safe as a precious pearl in an oyster shell ring box? Or how about maps used as table plans hinting at your own travels to faraway shores?

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Windswept.

Top Row Left: Image via PoppyMoss Photography. Top Row Right: Image via Natural Light Photography. Middle Row Left: Image via Lisa Berry Photography. Middle Row Right: Image via Jessica Lorren. Bottom Row Left: Image via Pinterest. Bottom Row Right: Image via Hilary Cam Photography.

the captain

For this style the Groom and his shipmates can have a little fun… Blazers with brass detailing, chinos rolled, striped bow ties, classic brogues or deck shoes, or maybe even a full on seersucker suit. Either way, lines should be relaxed yet slim to add a modern silhouette – think rowing club chic.

Alongside the usual colour suspects of blues, whites and tans throw in some hues of green from bold brights to mint touches, pale pink or coral are also great accent colours for this preppy look.

As well as the obvious stripes, other patterned fabrics such as ginghams, checks and spots can add detail and texture to this style.

Here are some fine specimens for your viewing pleasure…

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Captain.

Top Row Left: Image via Sara Wilde Photography. Top Row Right: Image via Pinterest. Second Row: Image via Closer To Love Photography. Third Row: Image via Something Turquoise. Fourth Row Left: Image via Mike Larson Photography. Fourth Row Right: Image via Pal Zileri. Fifth Row Left: Image via Once Wed. Fifth Row Right: Image via A Life Well Suited.

For a spin on the traditional button holes why not try something a little different such as rope, symbolic arrows or anchors as the focus. Foliage such as grasses and frothy florals like Astilbe or Baby’s Breath will add a subtle nod to the sea.

Anyone else want to go sailing with the chap in the blue blazer and full on beard…? Don’t tell my husband.

siren’s song

Who hasn’t wanted to be Ariel at some point…?

All gorgeous auburn hair and shimmering tail.

But I want to look past this wholesome mermaid image and go full on Siren.

Dresses should have a theatrical edge with texture and movement emulating the ocean – romantic tulle and billowing silks work best. Of course if you fancy something a little more form-fitting then you can’t beat a classic fishtail gown.

And who says the dress should be white…? Play with tones of blue, grey and sands for a modern twist.

Coco Wedding Venues - Style Categories - Coastal Cool - Siren.

Top Row Left: Image via Jose Villa for Style Me Pretty. Top Row Right: Image via Love Ridge Photography. Second Row Left: Image via Marie Zucker. Second Row Right: Image via Jean Baptiste Santens. Third Row Left: Image via Catarina Zimbarra for Love My Dress. Third Row Right: Image via Birds of a Feather Photography. Bottom Row Left: Image via Pinterest. Bottow Row Right: Image via Patric Shaw.

Locks should have a slight shipwrecked feel… Tousled, relaxed and just a little bit sexy.

What better way to incorporate the something blue into your outfit than a dazzling pair of cobalt shoes such as these Manolo Blahniks with delicate metallic detail.

Ummm… Speaking of metallic, yes here I go again, why not slip into a Siren-worth silvery jacket to help you shimmer into the evening. I most definitely would.

give me a sign

Signage – I love it.

I had signage overload most probably at my own wedding, however I love how signs can personalise your wedding day. From stating the milestone dates of your relationship, to words that are important to you both, to even informing your guests of the days festivities.

What better wedding style to have signs as part of your decor than Coastal Cool. From the lovely relaxed driftwood examples below to the kitschy seaside sayings and old fashioned bathing signs – all adding to the nautical styling of your day.

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Signs.

Top Row Left: Image via Christopher Nolan Photography. Top Row Right: Image via Nine Photos. Second Row: Image via Carabella Studio. Bottom Row: Image via Nine Photos.

sweet nothings

The cake was a huge topic in our household during the wedding planning and many a debate was had late into the night about what kind of cake we would be settling on… Because you see folks, cake is a serious topic for the boy.

I’m guessing this is one part of the day your own Groom-to-be will want to be involved in… And quite frankly who can blame him when there are these kind of beauties on offer. Not only should your cake taste divinely good but I believe it should also become a focal point in your wedding decor styling.

I love how these cakes range from full on chevron stripes and iced starfish detailing to elegantly ruffled frosting with flags and striped ribbon.

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Cakes.

Top Row Left: Image via Maggie Austin. Top Row Right: Image via Peaches & Mint. Second Row Left: Image via Erich McVey. Second Row Right: Image via Ben Q Photography. Botton Row Left: Image via Eva Derrick Photography for Style Me Pretty. Bottom Row Right: Image via Jose Villa for Style Me Pretty.


I discussed the wedding feast in my previous post for Bohemian Beats and the importance of setting the scene for your guests…

Coastal Cool really does lend itself to the details. Think seashells for place names, blue and green glassware, bottles for table numbers, washes of green foliage and coloured table cloths in grey or subtle stripes.

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Tablescape.

Top Row Left: Image via Jose Villa. Top Row Right: Image via Erich McVey. Second Row Left: Image via Gucio Photography for 100 Layer Cake. Second Row Right: Image via Studio 28 Photo. Bottom Row Left: Image via Paula McManus Photography. Bottom Row Right: Image via AMBPhoto for Once Wed


Now as well as going a little bit weak at this knees when it comes to the glitter… I also have another soft spot.

Stationary… And all things paper.

It’s been a life long passion from being a little too excited about overhauling the pencil case in that September back-to-school flurry to now… where I have stacks of untouched notepads, diaries and stationary suites.

So I just had to talk about this wedding element for coastal cool because just look at how delicious it is…

From romantic calligraphy scripts in washed watercolours to bold bright blues and hand-drawn maritime motifs.

I think I need to lie down.

Coco Wedding Venues - Coastal Cool, Paper.

Top Row Left: Image via Q Avenue Photo for 100 Layer Cake. Top Row Right: Image via AMBPhoto for Once Wed. Second Row: Image via Tec Petaja. Third Row: Image via Silent Partner. Bottom Row: Image via Jose Villa for Style Me Pretty

So are you a Coastal Cool Bride and Groom?

Do you love this nautical wedding style?

Have you found the perfect beach-side venue?

Oh do tell…

If you fancy exploring more of my Coastal Cool style ideas, including some traditional British seaside elements, then race on over to the Coco Wedding Venues Pinterest Board…

For now I’ll leave you with this image that quite simply takes my breath away…

Coco Wedding Venues - Coco Style Categories, Coastal Cool.

Image via: Rob Grimes Photography.

Lots of Love…

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