Become an Eco-Warrior with Your Wedding Gift List

Written by Prezola
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Our impact on the environment is a hot topic and many of us are seeking new ways to be more sustainable. The wedding industry is no exception with eco-friendly weddings very much on the rise, but did you know your wedding gift list can also add to your green credentials.

Prezola’s wonderful portfolio of sustainable brands and products means you can transform your house into a stylish eco oasis. From beautiful furniture made from reclaimed wood, to reusable straws and coffee cups, their extensive collection will have every room in your house covered.

If your not sure where to start, these tips will help get you on your way to creating the eco gift list of dreams.

Ditch the plastic

It’s no secret that plastic reduction is high on the list of eco actions, so get rid of the single-use items in your routine and opt for reusable alternatives. Prezola have a wide range of coffee cups, water bottles and straws making small switches super simple.

Glass is reusable and sustainbale making it the perfect material for storage. Try making your own delicious salad dressings and store them in glass bottles rather than buying shop-bought plastic bottles.

Recycle in style

Sometimes buying goods wrapped in plastic or card is unavoidable so recycling is key. Make life easier with a bin that has different compartments so you can easily split out your recycling with no fuss. Prezola’s selection of bins means you don’t have to compromise on style in your kitchen. 

Get smart with energy

Save energy with a smart learning thermostat. You can control the temperature of your home using your phone when you’re out and about ensuring you don’t use energy when you don’t need to. It will even learn your habits and adjust to get the temperature just how you like it.

The Shop Edit
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
8oz Coffee Cup; Perfect Pink
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Reusable Straw Set with Cleaning Brush
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Bottlit Dressing Bottle – 250ml
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Water Bottle; Cool Cyan
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Learning Thermostat, Black
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Eco Double Duvet 10.5tog
The Fine Bedding Company
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Canopy Closed Garden
LSA International
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Compost Bin, Grey
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Bo Recycling Bin, Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Mia Recycled Highball, Set of 4
LSA International
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Recycled Glass Vase, Extra Large
Garden Trading
Coco Wedding Venues shop edit
Ali Baba Laundry Basket – Medium; Natural
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