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Feature Image by Hayley Savage Photography via Rock My Wedding.


Love them or hate them…?

For me it’s most definitely love, I mean head-over-heels-makes-me-dizzy-crazy-in-love. I actually did a little dance of happiness when my best gal and gorgeous bride-to-be contemplated the idea of one the other day. I know, I probably need to see someone about this (slight) obsession.

I wore a veil and must admit, this small addition made me feel every bit the Bride.

Now, I’m sure I would have felt like a Bride sans the cathedral length bit of tulle that sat atop my tousled bounce, but I think it just adds a little finishing touch. Don’t you think…? Oh and when else can you get away with wearing such an accessory…? Quite!

Plus it doesn’t matter what your chosen style is, from boho to vintage to city chic there’s a veil to suit your needs.

Take a look at some of the below for today’s Friday inspiration…

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-jen-huang-via-hushed-commotion-1

    Image by Jen Huang via Hushed Commotion.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-braedon-flynn-via-snippet-and-ink-1

    Image by Braedon Flynn via Snippet & Ink.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-jodi-mcdonald-photography-via-style-me-pretty-1

    Image by Jodi McDonald Photography.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-via-tumblr-1

    Image via Twigs & Honey.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-via-the-sparrow-and-the-crow-1a

    Image via The Sparrow and the Crow.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-via-etsy

    Image via Etsy.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-via-etsy-2

    Image via Etsy.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-via-a-simple-photo-style-me-pretty-1

    Image by A Simple Photography via Style Me Pretty.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-tec-petaja-via-once-wed-1

    Image by Tec Petaja via Once Wed.

  • Coco wedding venues slideshow - bridal-veil-inspiration-coco-wedding-venues-rylee-hitchner-via-once-wed-1

    Image by Rylee Hitchner.


Image One by Jen Huang via Hushed CommotionImage Two by Braedon Flynn via Snippet & InkImage Three by Jodi McDonald Photograpy via Style Me PrettyImage Four via Twigs & HoneyImage Five via The Sparrow and the CrowImage Six via EtsyImage Seven via EtsyImage Eight by A Simple Photography via Style Me PrettyImage Nine by Tec Petaja via Once Wed.
Image Ten by Rylee Hitchner.

So are you sold…?

What’s your veil of choice…?

Birdcage, Blusher, Fingertip, Manilla, Embellished or Cathedral…?

Told you there was a lot of choice!

Happy weekend all…

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