Luise & Nina’s Romantic Beach Elopement at Treseren

Written by Emma Hla
Luise and Nina travelled with four of their closest friends from Austria to celebrate a magical wedding at Treseren in Cornwall.

They flew into Heathrow and hired a car to drive down to Cornwall together, arriving the evening before the big day. They were welcomed with a delicious feast and soon settled in to enjoy two nights of exclusive use of their English country house. Curating the gallery for this wedding feature was just sheer joy, and you can feel the love and happiness of this gorgeous couple and their chosen family from the beautiful images captured by Sofie Michelle – Enjoy, folks.

Notes from the Brides

Luise + Nina say…

We always knew we wanted an intimate wedding, just simple, lovely and with our best friends, but still on the highest level. We also knew we wanted to have beach pictures in our dresses! So after looking for venues in Greece, France and Italy, we sent each other Treseren within 10 minutes of looking in different countries and fell in love with their Instagram and website. We both said it would be amazing if it looked just half as good! Well, it looked even better in real life… and we are still in love with Treseren after two months.

Because the UK isn’t part of the EU, we needed to stay for ten days in the UK and have an appointment with a registrar. We chose to have it in Brighton (you can do that nearly anywhere in the UK) around Christmas time. We decided to see it as an extra holiday and make the best of it. If you’re considering doing the same, don’t stress about the appointment; if you genuinely love each other, you can easily answer all the questions!

We always wanted to have a small wedding, but to have a micro wedding was something we chose because we wanted to have everything the way we wanted without having anybody telling us what was best for us. We organised everything the way we wanted with Treseren’s help… and looking back on it, we had the most relaxed, beautiful and funniest wedding day with our chosen family.

Despite the distance, planning a wedding in the UK was easy because the Treseren team are experts! Coming from hospitality, we knew we needed to put our faith in them. Their ‘Little Black Book’ was the best guideline for choosing our suppliers. A big plus that isn’t the same in Austria is that all suppliers have amazing Instagram pages, so we could get a good feeling of whether their style (e.g. flowers) suited us. Also, communication via teams or FaceTime worked perfectly!

Luise: Since we work at a wedding venue and see many dresses, I knew what I didn’t want! I knew that Nina loves it when I wear blazers, so choosing the dress with the collar felt right, and I felt really beautiful on the day.

Nina: I always wear pants/trousers and don’t like dresses. In my head I said OK, I’ll try on some dresses for my mum and in the end I’ll get a nice tuxedo or something. Then we went to a bridal shop, and I fell in love with my dress… being a big girl, I never felt good wearing a dress because I always thought you could see my belly, but with that dress, I felt light, and it showed off all the right parts!

At Austrian weddings, you have two rules: no black and no white for guests (black is for funerals, and white is only for the bride). Luise saw a video on Instagram and fell in love with the idea. At first, I said no, but then she showed me photos and videos, which were stunning! The big contrast of colour and our wedding party wearing the same colour but in their style was fantastic for us and the girls loved it. Also, every single one said they would wear the outfit again!

Best part of the day

Luise: As my wife walked towards me, the Treseren team felt like family… it relaxed the entire day and felt like home.

Nina: Surprising my wife with the champagne tower… She organised nearly the whole wedding, booked everything and communicated with all the suppliers… so surprising her with 10 minutes that she didn’t know about felt amazing.

As we arrived at Treseren, you could see how the stress of the weeks of planning not only fell from our shoulders but also our girls let go of work, boyfriends or any other trouble they had and were in the moment. Luise and I couldn’t sleep on our big day and woke up at 6am. Nobody was there. The girls were sleeping, and the Treseren team hadn’t arrived yet; it was just us on this big day in the garden. Nervous, talking for one hour about how this day would turn out, we were so happy we had chosen this place, surrounded by our chosen family – we wouldn’t change anything.

We fell in love with Treseren, and we will return!!

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