Laura & Daniel’s Linden House Wedding

Written by Emma Hla
Images by Heather Sham.
Home is where the heart is, and for Laura & Daniel this meant staying local in the place that felt like home to them as a couple.

In June this year, surrounded by friends and family from across the globe, L&D celebrated their love at Linden House, a beautiful riverside townhouse in Hammersmith London. The fresh and summery flowers, the earthy colour palette, THE dress and the Groom’s unique 3-piece check suit and sentimental touches are just beyond gorgeous.


Notes from the Bride

Laura says…

Both of us grew up in different parts of the world, so there wasn’t an obvious location to go ‘home’ to for a wedding. Plus we had lived on different continents for the majority of our relationship, so we were still developing a sense of belonging in where we lived. Instead of going back to one of our hometowns, we chose to look for a venue in the place that felt the most like home to us as a couple – our local London Borough of Hammersmith.

Living in Hammersmith together, we had walked along the Thames towpath countless times. We’d seen Linden House many times before and thought it was beautiful, but never knew what it was! When I saw that Linden House was registered as a venue in our borough, I called them straight away. Luckily both dates we were considering were available, and after visiting and speaking to the incredible team, we just knew it was the perfect venue for what we envisioned our day to be – we were so excited, and quickly locked in our date!

We pulled our wedding together quite quickly (we started planning in February for the 4th of June) so I knew I didn’t have much time to order a brand new dress, and if I did, rushing a delivery would be expensive and stressful… Initially I wanted something non-traditional (jumpsuit, suit, etc.), but when I started looking for a dress, I knew my best option would be a ready to wear, or sample sale piece.

I made a few appointments and went shopping on my own, as I thought it would make it easier for me to decide on something. When I first tried on my dress, it was simple and timeless – exactly what I wanted – and I loved it, but I was overwhelmed by the decision, so decided to think about it and come back.

At my follow up try-on appointment, I brought my cousin with me who brought her wedding veil with her, just in case I wanted to try it on. I tried on two dresses, but I clearly loved one over the other – just before I was totally convinced, my cousin brought out her veil for me to try and we realised as we put it on, that the tiny satin trim along the veil matched the dress PERFECTLY. It solidified the decision for me, and I eventually wore the veil as my ‘something borrowed’ on my wedding day.

For shoes, I opted for short, simple nude court heels from LK Bennett – I felt so chic and classic in them, plus the heel was quite low so I knew I’d be able to wear them all day and still be comfortable.

I wanted a timeless look on my day, so I knew I wanted simple, but elegant jewellery if I wore any at all. I ended up wearing subtle gold studs, and a small diamond necklace – the necklace was a bit of an impulse purchase after a long, stressful saga with my wedding dress alterations… but it was one of the things I was most excited to wear!

Danny absolutely hates shopping, and so choosing a suit was less of a journey and more of a task. Ultimately, he chose the colour and design of his suit on his own, and it went perfectly with our entire colour scheme. He wanted something classic, so he opted for a 3-piece navy suit with a subtle pattern – everyone loved it! He also chose specifically to wear a cuff-link shirt, so that he could wear his Grandad’s cuff links on our wedding day – this was such a nice touch, since his Grandparents were unable to travel down for our wedding to be with us in person. It was also the first suit he’s ever had tailored to him and he loved it! It’s one of his favourite suits, and he has worn it quite a few times since our wedding day!

My styling vision was natural, classic and understated and I wanted everything to tie into an earthy, boho palette – lots of green, white, neutrals, with pops of pink, and burnt orange, and terracotta. I chose our florist based on a recommendation from our coordinator at Linden House – she recommended Flowers by Louise, and after my first meeting with her I remember feeling so special, and as if she truly wanted to be a part of our day. She was able to execute my floral vision flawlessly – we can’t thank her enough!

Catering was done by Linden House — Tara and the entire team were incredible, from their service, to the food, we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

We chose to order our cake from Luminary Bakery – I learned about this bakery years ago through a friend and had tried their cakes before, so I knew they could create a perfect simple, beautiful and delicious cake for our day. But it is more than just a delicious and talented bakery; Luminary is a social enterprise that helps to create jobs, community and support women who have experienced social and economic disadvantage, by offering courses, work experience and paid employment within the bakery, empowering women to build their career. By choosing to Luminary to make our cake, we hopefully did a small part to help Luminary’s community of women as well.

Our photographer was Heather Sham – SHE ROCKS!

We chose Heather via a recommendation from a friend of mine; she was beyond perfect for our day — she was somehow there for every moment but not intrusive. When I first saw her website and Instagram, I loved her photography and editing style (natural, candid vibes), and personality (friendly, sarcastic, upbeat) shined through, so I was crossing my fingers she’d be available on our day. Meeting her in person, she was so calm and made us feel at ease. We felt as if we were just walking around and she happened to be capturing little moments at the same time. She created the most beautiful memories for us to hold onto!

Best part of the day

Just after the ceremony, Daniel and I snuck away into the foyer of the venue with a glass of champagne by ourselves — it was unplanned, but it was the only time we were alone together all day. We both look back on how special it was to be married, and just us two for the first time!

From one couple to another…

Arrange to have a private moment as newlyweds post-ceremony, alone – it’s very unlikely that you’ll get much alone time throughout the day since you’ll have so many loved ones around you all day long. Luckily for Danny and I we were able to steal a moment alone, but not everyone will be so lucky — I would definitely argue it’s a must-have on the list of wedding day events!

We were told to cherish every moment — we feel the phrase should be to cherish every interaction. Your wedding day will likely be one of the few times you’ll have so many people you love and care about in one place at the same time, so it can be overwhelming to think about cherishing every single moment. But be present in every conversation you have, instead of thinking about who you’re going to speak to next!

Also spend time getting to know your vendors, and make sure they feel like the right fit for you as a couple when you hire them — on the day, we couldn’t have felt we were in better hands than in those of our vendors. They will make or break your day, so make sure you understand each other, and if you aren’t crystal clear, don’t be afraid to ask questions ahead of time.


Venue Linden House

Photographer Heather Sham

Flowers Flowers by Louise

Stationery Crum & Co

Cake Luminary Bakery

Hair + Makeup Katy Djokic

Dress Sabine by Alexandra Grecco from Lovely Bride

Suit by House of Cavani from Santoro Milan

Band Emperor

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