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by Emma Hla

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Can you feel it…?

That change in the air…?

Yep, it’s Spring my lovelies.

I keep catching a glimpse of it and it lifts my heart, let me tell you.

So what better way to celebrate this fresh new month that with some floral loveliness courtesy of Coco’s in-house florist – Amber

If you haven’t yet paid Amber Persia | Flowers & Events a little visit then I urge you to do so… Amber’s website is stunning and truly a beautiful place for you to start your floral journey. You can also catch up on her previous Floral Highlights here!

But today, we are all about the delights of March…

Over to Amber

Notes from Amber

When choosing flowers for your wedding it can be fun to look at the folklore that accompanies the flowers.

Lilac, with its wonderfully heady scent with a hint of vanilla is one of my favourite Spring flowers, but what a chequered reputation it has!  Many a bride’s mother will tell me that it’s unlucky to bring white Lilac into the home, whilst purple Lilac is believed to signify first love. Whatever the myths that accompany Lilac, there can be no doubting that it makes a real statement when used en masse or is a gorgeous and very fragrant addition to any bouquet or arrangement.

The cut flowers of Cyclamen with their exquisite, ruffled petals are perfect for a March wedding. In the language of flowers giving someone Cyclamen expresses love and sincere tenderness – what could be sweeter than placing one on each of your guest’s napkins?

So have fun choosing your flowers and if you want to investigate the world of flower folklore, myths and language you never know what hidden messages you can send your partner, family or friends!

Coco Wedding Venues - March 2014 (The Highlights Of The Season) - Amber Persia Flowers & Events.

Are any of you a March Bride…?

Have you chosen your flowers because of their meaning or subtle symbolism…?

Oh and isn’t it lovely to see Bluebells are in season – These little pretties so remind me of being a little girl down at the duck pond, walking the family dog with my Dad.

Precious memories.

Lots of love…

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