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Image courtesy of The Travelling Gin Co.

My favourite kind of Friday posts…

If you didn’t catch our Spring infused English Mojito, inspired by our Narborough Hall rustic shoot, then where have you been…?

Well, The Travelling Gin Co. boys are back {a.k.a Ed & Joe} and this time they’ve been concocting the perfect Autumnal treat for you in the form of the Earl Grey Collins. Ed says this recipe is fresh, with a little sweetness, but the earl grey tea subtlety adds a nice level of comfort to the cocktail too.

Perfect for November nights wouldn’t you say…?

The Recipe Card


Image courtesy of The Travelling Gin Co.


  • 35ml London Dry Gin
  • 15ml Homemade Earl Grey Syrup*
  • 10ml fresh lemon juice
  • Sparkling Water
  • Lemon & orange peel

Garnish: Lemon slice, the peels will make all the difference to heightening the final flavour.


In a hi-ball glass gently combine the gin, lemon juice and earl grey syrup over ice with a cocktail spoon.

Add sparkling water and finish off with orange and lemon peel.

The Syrup*

To make your syrup, simply combine 1 part cane sugar and 2 parts water. heat together until the sugar has dissolved fully. add your loose Earl Grey tea (we recommend Rare Tea Co. or opening up a bag of Williamson’s) and take off the heat and allow to brew. Once cool. remove tea and strain into a bottle. the syrup will keep for several weeks.

Happy weekend my loves…

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