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The Venue Showround | Advice for Wedding Venues

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With so many venues for engaged couples to choose from, it’s imperative that your venue stands out from the crowd.

Consumers want experiences. They want to ‘feel’ something when going through a purchase, especially one that’s as emotive as this! Deciding on the right venue is a huge step in the planning process and one that will account for around 40% of the couple’s overall budget.

One way to provide an exceptional customer experience is during the all-important showround.

So, how can you achieve this?

How to nail the showround

Here’s a few tips that you can try next time you show a newly engaged and excited couple your beautiful venue:

  • First impressions are everything! Make sure your entrance, signage, car parks and office are clearly visible and if you can, greet the couple with a warm smile and handshake on arrival.
  • You should know quite a lot about the couple already but do get to know them some more by asking about the engagement, where they come from etc.
  • Make sure the venue is spotless and is set up correctly to give the them the visual elements. Many couples find it hard to actually visualise how the space will be set up – give this to them on a plate!
  • Use styling props, dummy cakes and stationery to dress the space.
  • Use a tablet or a beautiful photo album to showcase imagery from previous weddings.
  • If it’s cold – light the fire. Ensure that appropriate low-level music is playing in the background to set the scene.
  • Always offer a complimentary drink during the meeting – let them choose from your bar menu and accompany this with a homemade treat of some kind.
  • Provide them with take-away literature to digest at home.

All of these things can help to achieve a sale. Treat each and every couple like they are your only client. Give them time and listen to what they want and then create the ‘dream’ for them.

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