Marketing During Peak Wedding Season – Why it’s Still Important!

Traditionally within the industry Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day have been considered the peak times for enquiries or ‘engagement season’, however, summer is the second most popular time to get engaged and sees a spike in venue research and enquiries.

Having a peak wedding season marketing strategy with achievable marketing activities in place can help you capitalise on this second engagement season and secure future bookings.

When working with clients I recommend maintaining a base level of year-round consistency in their marketing output as a key to a better customer experience, building credibility, visibility, and trust. We know that the algorithms favour those who are consistent and restarting marketing from scratch can involve a much higher input to regain visibility.

If the prospect of setting time aside to focus on marketing during peak wedding season is adding a sense of overwhelm to your to do list or seems unachievable, then read on as I share five tips to help you stay consistent with your marketing efforts throughout the summer.

Have a marketing plan

This doesn’t need to be a huge document, but having a plan to guide and inform your actions will help you to stay on track when it comes to audience, message and achieving your sales goals. Your marketing plan will help you to create and maintain demand, reputation, and competitive advantage.

Not sure where to start? In a nutshell, your marketing plan needs to set out your daily, weekly, and monthly activities that are working towards your goals. An example could be that your goal is to increase site traffic by X from Instagram because your data shows that enquiries from this source have a higher conversion rate than enquiries that come from Facebook. Your plan then outlines how, what and when you engage with this audience, and how you will track your results.

Having this in place will help to keep you both on track and motivated during those busy months. It can also save you from putting valuable time, money and energy into marketing activities that don’t provide a high return on investment.

Focus on customer journey

Your customer journey and sales funnel are intertwined and focusing on maximising the touchpoints within the customer journey can help to move prospective clients through the sales funnel.

There will be couples that are at all stages of the customer journey from just experiencing their first interactions with your venue brand, to weighing up their options, those that are converting, those that have booked and those that got married with you previously. Maintaining consistent marketing communications will help them to know, like and trust your venue brand, as well as keeping those excitement levels high for their upcoming wedding.

Weddings provide you with a captive audience to sow the seeds for future sales through positive guest interactions. The wedding day including any set up and pack down is filled with touchpoints for both your clients and their guests, mapping these before the season and building them into team training is a fantastic way of maximising the positive impact of each interaction. Building an above and beyond culture of customer service where your team see each member of the guest list as the client will foster word of mouth recommendations.

One key marketing tip to help you capitalise on your captive audience: If you offer guest Wi-Fi, use email capture technology to build your mailing list! A monthly email can be relatively quick to put together and is a fantastic way of maintaining visibility and driving traffic to your website.

Get those reviews!

Don’t wait until the end of the season to ask for reviews, have a prompt to send out an email to couples after their wedding congratulating them, thanking them for choosing your venue and asking for a Google review.

Not only will this provide a steady stream of current reviews on Google, but each review can also become a social media post in just a few minutes. Post-wedding follow up emails are also an important touchpoint on the customer journey that helps to move them into the advocacy stage.

As well as adding reviews to Google, make sure you’re sharing these with your third-party platforms to boost your listings, and of course share soundbites on your social feeds.

Nurture your strategic partnerships and supplier relationships

Now is the time to nurture your strategic partnerships and supplier relationships, and the bonus is that you can do a lot of it during your time on the ground managing weddings.

Suppliers are fantastic marketing assets, from blog features to site links, referrals to social media presence, the impact that positive supplier relationships can have on brand visibility and confidence is incredible.

A quick and easy way of nurturing your relationships on the wedding day (other than a cup of tea… which is always greatly received!) is to shout about the amazing team involved in the wedding on social media. From a marketing perspective, you’re ticking the box of creating relevant content, you’re offering some inspiration to followers and growing your visibility when the accounts you’ve tagged share to their followers.

Content batching and scheduling

Content batching, you can’t beat it for time efficiency! Writing and scheduling your content pre-summer provides you with a steady stream of fresh content for consumption across your channels with very little input during the busy months.

I would recommend scheduling one month in advance in case you need to make any changes to the proposed content calendar, however you can have as many blog posts and social media captions pre-written and waiting to be scheduled as you can think of.

A top tip if you find sourcing the right image a time-consuming part of social media scheduling is to create content pillar image folders within which to copy relevant images so that you can easily grab a relevant image for your topic without wading through gallery after gallery.

The list of potential marketing activities goes on; however, I have tried to focus on providing suggestions to help maintain a consistent level of marketing output without ramping up workload. To really connect with your target audience and hit all of the touchpoints necessary for conversion, consistency is key.

Not sure where to start? Focus on your marketing channels with the highest return on investment for the summer and then look to expand your focus post-season.

If you are short on time, resources or marketing just isn’t your thing outsourcing your marketing for the season might be a good option to help you maintain and grow market position whilst you focus on managing your venue.

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