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May Marketing Tip | Advice for Wedding Venues

Image by Jacob & Pauline.

As wedding season truly gets underway ensure your team has a really slick system in place for getting hold of images of your weddings. Photos are SO important in 2019 and are one of your best tools for promoting your venue to future couples.


  • Website images
  • Images to illustrate your blog posts
  • Social media photos
  • Images that go on the tablets you use for showrounds.

These are so powerful and you need a constant stream of fresh images to help sell your venue.

It’s often harder if you wait until the end of the season particularly if you’re asking for images from photographers you have no existing relationship with; they will have moved on and so will your couples.

Ensure you have a polite request in place within 1-2 weeks of the wedding that goes out as standard to your couples, asking for and explaining why images are so important to you. It’s usually best if they can refer you (with their permission and agreed timescale) directly to their wedding photographer for actually sourcing the images so that you can build a relationship with them and ensure any crediting is done correctly.

It’s also worth mentioning here that copyright is held by the photographer, not the couple. So whilst it’s polite to contact the couple to see if they would be happy for you to use their images, it’s the photographer you need permission from before using.

Set up a follow up/chaser system  in place for photos to ensure you get them and then store safely in an organised online library, ensuring that you download images before any links expire, so that you can use the images when the season is over for autumn marketing updates.

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