The Setting

A beautiful, secret river lawn and woodland located where the river runs wild in Twickenham… A very special place where you feel transported back in time, a place where you feel in the depths of the country whilst being only 20 minutes from the centre of London.

The Vibe

The Secret River Garden is just that… a secret. They are very much an off the radar location on the banks of the River Thames which they let exclusively just four times per year.

What they offer is essentially a wild garden and woodland that transports you back in time to a place where you feel totally in the countryside whilst only 20 minutes from Waterloo.

The package for up to 120 people includes a gorgeous champagne reception canopy on the main lawn over-looking the Thames where you’re free to have a blessing between the apple trees. Following a winding path through the woodland the stunning main marquee is revealed where a late lunch is enjoyed with views of the river through the dappled light of the weeping willow. An early evening reception is suggested when extra guests can arrive and an open bonfire can be lit should you wish.

This blank canvas of sweeping woodland and riverside views is perfectly twinned with the historic Orleans House Gallery, just next door. As The Secret River Garden can host blessings, legal ceremonies could take place in the Octagon Room of Orleans House Gallery providing the perfect riverside wedding.

Amplified music is granted until 10pm… carriages at midnight.

For more info, photos and bookings for The Secret River Garden go to their facebook page here.

Please note that The Secret River Garden is liable to flooding at very high tides so contact Mischa directly to see what dates are available for hire.